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Great Bear Resources (TSXV:GBR, OTC:GTBDF) today reported a significant new high-grade gold discovery, the “Bear-Rimini Zone”, at its 100% owned Dixie Project in the Red Lake District of Ontario. 

Great Bear Resources (TSXV:GBR, OTC:GTBDF) today reported a significant new high-grade gold discovery, the “Bear-Rimini Zone”, at its 100% owned Dixie Project in the Red Lake District of Ontario.  Highlighted assay results from discovery drill hole DNW-011 are provided in Table 1.

Table 1: Highlighted results from discovery drill hole DNW-011 into the Bear-Rimini Zone.

Figure 1: Map of the Dixie project showing the location of known gold zones (DHZ, DL, DNW and DNE) and current drill results. The location of the LP Fault drilled in DNW-011 is shown in red dashes. The Bear-Rimini Zone is labelled “BR”. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Figure 2: Lithoprobe 3D time travel tomography cross sectional interpretation showing two major crustal-scale structures in the Red Lake district, modified from Zeng and Calvert, 2006. The structure on the right is associated with the main mine trend including Newmont Goldcorp Corp.’s Red Lake Gold Mine. The structure on the left is the LP Fault at Great Bear’s Dixie project. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Figure 3: Close-in view of the LP Fault and Bear-Rimini discovery, showing highlighted drill holes completed across 2.5 kilometres of strike length into the Quartz-Sericite zone. The adjacent Silicified Zone which hosts high-grade gold in DNW-011 is shown extrapolated along strike. A – A’ marks the location of the cross section in Figure 4. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Figure 4: Cross section through Bear-Rimini discovery showing DNW-011, the LP Fault (dashed line) and adjacent lithologies, alteration zones and drill holes. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Figure 5: Images of coarse disseminated gold from drill hole DNW-011. Host rock is quartz crystal lapilli tuff in the footwall of the LP Fault. Images from the Silicified Zone. Mineralization depicted in these photos is from two selective intervals and is not necessarily indicative of mineralization on the property. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Figure 6: Three-dimension model of the LP Fault, showing its interpreted importance during Archean age gold mineralization and various gold zones at the Dixie project. The outline of the block model corresponds to the outline of the Dixie property claims. Bear-Rimini Zone labeled “BR”. (CNW Group/Great Bear Resources Ltd.)

Drill HoleFrom














and including78.4580.552.106.8960.271.9471
and including78.4579.551.103.6198.783.18
and including78.9579.550.601.97130.974.21
and including80.5588.007.4524.440.230.01
and including88.0089.001.003.2827.150.8781
*All widths are drill indicated core length as insufficient drilling has been completed to determine true width at this time.

Highlights of Great Bear’s most recent discovery include:

  • The Bear-Rimini Zone is located 2.5 kilometres northwest of the Hinge Zone.
  • The new discovery is hosted by a new exploration target, the “LP Fault”, and adjacent lithologies. Airborne geophysics completed by Great Bear shows the LP Fault and a parallel structure, the “North Fault”, are interpreted to transect the property for 18 kilometres of strike length as shown on Figure 1.
  • DNW-011 intersected intervals of gold mineralization across 110 metres of core length and were strongest in a coarse quartz crystal lapilli tuff unit in the northern footwall of the fault. This is the first drill hole in the project’s history to target this tuff unit. Complete assays from DNW-011 are provided in Table 2 at the end of this release.
  • The LP Fault is interpreted as a major gold mineralization control and hydrothermal fluid conduit during Archean age gold mineralization. The generally 1 kilometre wide area between the LP and North Faults may represent a significant structural dilation zone where gold rich hydrothermal fluids accumulated.
  • The LP Fault has a projected depth of 14 kilometres, extending to base of the continental crust/upper mantle as defined by the Lithoprobe Survey of the Red Lake district, as shown on Figure 2. A similar deep-seated structural feature was interpreted by the Survey to be spatially and genetically associated with the majority of gold mineralization along the main Red Lake mine trend (Zeng and Calvert, 2006) where over 30,000,000 ounces of gold have been produced.
  • The LP Fault parallels highway 105, the main access corridor to Red Lake and is 1 to 3 kilometres from a powerline and paved road, and it is a 30 minute drive from the main Red Lake gold mine operated by Newmont Goldcorp Corp.

Chris Taylor, President and CEO of Great Bear said, “After recognizing a significant hydrothermal alteration zone in our previous round of regional drilling, we tested and discovered, in our first hole, a new zone of shallow high-grade gold associated with silicification of host rocks related to a crustal-scale structure we call the LP Fault.  The fault marks a contact between mafic and felsic/intermediate rocks and is spatially associated with an 80 to 200 metre wide quartz sericite zone associated with highly anomalous to high-grade gold mineralization.  We interpret the LP Fault to transect the property for approximately 18 kilometres of strike length.  The new Bear-Rimini Zone joins the Hinge Zone as a significant new gold discovery and will be an additional focus of drilling through the remainder of 2019.”

The Bear-Rimini Zone High-Grade Gold Discovery

  • The shallowest current gold intercept in DNW-011 is only 53 metres vertically from surface; 759.38 g/t gold over 0.5 metres.
  • A finer-scale map showing the location of the Bear-Rimini Zone, other gold zones and significant nearby drill intercepts into the LP Fault, with the location of the cross-section provided in this news release is provided inFigure 3.
  • A cross section through the LP Fault and adjacent lithologies is shown on Figure 4.
  • Gold in DNW-011 occurs as coarse to fine disseminations with minor accompanying sulphides as shown on Figure 5.
  • DNW-011 was drilled from north to south across the quartz sericite zone Great Bear had previously intersected in hole DNW-008 (see news release of May 7, 2019; 34.6 metres of 0.55 g/t gold) and the LP Fault, and intersected two different zones of gold mineralization, which are distinguished by host rock type and proximity to the primary deformation zone within the LP Fault:
  1. High-grade gold is hosted by strained coarse quartz crystal lapilli tuff units affected by pervasive silica alteration(the “Silicified Zone”) to the north of the LP Fault.
  2. Anomalous to moderate gold grades are hosted by a “Quartz-Sericite Zone” within and immediately adjacent to the LP Fault, in significantly strained fine quartz crystal tuffs and fine-grained intermediate tuffs.

Strike Potential of the Bear-Rimini Zone

  • A total of 15 drill holes completed by previous explorers and Great Bear have intersected the Quartz-Sericite Zone along 2.5 kilometres of strike length of the LP Fault. All 15 (100%) of these drill holes encountered anomalous to moderate gold grades matching those observed in the Quartz-Sericite Zone in DNW-011 and DNW-008. Highlighted results are provided in Figure 3.
  • These historical drill holes are interpreted to have been drilled south of the Silicified Zone intersected by DNW-011 and stayed entirely within the Quartz-Sericite Zone. The DNE holes drilled closest to the projected Silicified Zone (i.e. furthest north) had higher gold grades, including visible gold in drill core. Up to 80% of the total core length of some historical drill holes were never split and assayed by past explorers. Great Bear is currently re-logging and assaying unsampled mineralized intervals of core from all available historical drill holes from the area.
  • While the LP Fault has 18 kilometres of interpreted strike length, the number of mineralized zones that may be hosted by the fault and adjacent units is not yet known, and the structural corridor is not necessarily mineralized along its entire length.

A three-dimensional representation of Great Bear’s model of gold mineralization at the Bear-Rimini discovery as it relates to the 18 kilometre strike length of the LP Fault and other gold zones is provided in Figure 6.

The Company continues to undertake a fully funded, 60,000 metre drill program that is expected to continue through 2019.  In order to accelerate the program, a second drill rig was added in early 2019, and a third drill rig is expected in the near future.  Approximately 40,000 metres of drilling remain in the current program.

About Great Bear

Great Bear Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: GBR) is a well financed company based in Vancouver, Canada, managed by a team with a track record of success in the mineral exploration sector. Great Bear holds a 100% interest, royalty free, in its flagship Dixie property, which is road accessible year-round via Highway 105, a 15 minute drive from downtown Red Lake, Ontario.  The Red Lake mining district is one of the premier mining districts in Canada, benefitting from major active mining operations including the Red Lake Gold Mine of Goldcorp Inc., plus modern infrastructure and a skilled workforce.  Production from the Red Lake district does not necessarily reflect the mineralization that may, or may not be hosted on the Company’s Dixie property.  The Dixie property covers a drill and geophysically defined multi kilometre gold mineralized structure similar to that associated with other producing gold mines in the district.  In addition, Great Bear is also earning a 100% royalty-free interest in the Pakwash, Dedee and Sobel properties, which cover regionally significant gold-controlling structures and prospective geology.  All of Great Bear’s Red Lake projects are accessible year-round through existing roads.

Drill core is logged and sampled in a secure core storage facility located in Red Lake Ontario.  Core samples from the program are cut in half, using a diamond cutting saw, and are sent to SGS Canada Inc. in Red Lake, Ontario, and Activation Laboratories in Ancaster Ontario, both of which are accredited mineral analysis laboratories, for analysis. All samples are analysed for gold using standard Fire Assay-AA techniques. Samples returning over 3.0 g/t gold are analysed utilizing standard Fire Assay-Gravimetric methods. Selected samples with visible gold are also analyzed with a standard 1 kg metallic screen fire assay.  Certified gold reference standards, blanks and field duplicates are routinely inserted into the sample stream, as part of Great Bear’s quality control/quality assurance program (QAQC).  No QAQC issues were noted with the results reported herein.

Mr. R. Bob Singh, P.Geo, Director and VP Exploration, and Ms. Andrea Diakow P.Geo, Exploration Manager for Great Bear are the Qualified Persons as defined by National Instrument 43-101 responsible for the accuracy of technical information contained in this news release.


“Chris Taylor”

Chris Taylor, President and CEO

Drill HoleFrom (m)To (m)LithologyGold (g/t)
DNW-0111213Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.059
DNW-0111314Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.043
DNW-0111414.9Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.165
DNW-01114.915.4Mafic Dyke0.022
DNW-01115.416.4Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.475
DNW-01116.417.4Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.069
DNW-01117.418.4Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.017
DNW-01118.419.4Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.006
DNW-01119.420.4Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.01
DNW-01120.420.9Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.451
DNW-01120.921.9Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.005
DNW-01121.922.9Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.017
DNW-01122.924Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-0112425Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-0112526Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.043
DNW-0112627Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-0112728Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.023
DNW-0112829Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.067
DNW-0112930Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.074
DNW-0113030.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff1.013
DNW-01130.531Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.083
DNW-0113132Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.156
DNW-0113233Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.069
DNW-0113334Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.028
DNW-0113435Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.032
DNW-0113536Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.025
DNW-0113637Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.055
DNW-0113737.8Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.023
DNW-01137.838.45Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.007
DNW-01138.4539Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.012
DNW-0113939.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.016
DNW-01139.540Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.013
DNW-0114040.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.138
DNW-01140.541Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.008
DNW-0114142Mafic Dyke0.012
DNW-0114243Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.042
DNW-0114344Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.282
DNW-0114445Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.148
DNW-0114546Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.027
DNW-0114647Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.014
DNW-0114748Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.121
DNW-0114849Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.023
DNW-0114950Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.046
DNW-0115051Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.039
DNW-0115152Mafic Dyke0.05
DNW-0115253Mafic Dyke0.002
DNW-0115354Mafic Dyke0.006
DNW-0115455Mafic Dyke0.013
DNW-0115555.5Mafic Dyke0.38
DNW-01155.556.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.015
DNW-01156.557Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.016
DNW-0115757.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.022
DNW-01157.558Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.128
DNW-0115858.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff759.38
DNW-01158.559Felsic Lapilli Tuff2.247
DNW-0115960Felsic Lapilli Tuff7.598
DNW-0116060.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.027
DNW-01160.561Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.061
DNW-0116162Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.246
DNW-0116263Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.054
DNW-0116363.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.098
DNW-01163.564Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.013
DNW-0116465Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.022
DNW-0116565.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.03
DNW-01165.566Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-0116667Quartz Vein0.033
DNW-0116768Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-0116868.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.024
DNW-01168.569Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.009
DNW-0116969.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.012
DNW-01169.570.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.023
DNW-01170.571.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.027
DNW-01171.572.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.029
DNW-01172.573.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.679
DNW-01173.574Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.084
DNW-0117474.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.073
DNW-01174.575Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.085
DNW-0117575.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff1.702
DNW-01175.9576.45Felsic Lapilli Tuff19.33
DNW-01176.4576.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff2.186
DNW-01176.9577.45Felsic Lapilli Tuff1.16
DNW-01177.4577.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff7.311
DNW-01177.9578.45Felsic Lapilli Tuff1.177
DNW-01178.4578.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff60.15
DNW-01178.9579.55Felsic Lapilli Tuff130.97
DNW-01179.5580.05Felsic Lapilli Tuff25.99
DNW-01180.0580.55Quartz Vein9.829
DNW-01180.5581.05Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.391
DNW-01181.0582Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.236
DNW-0118283Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.195
DNW-0118384Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.074
DNW-0118485Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.164
DNW-0118586Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.522
DNW-0118687Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.134
DNW-0118788Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.224
DNW-0118889Felsic Lapilli Tuff27.15
DNW-0118990Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.075
DNW-0119091Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.048
DNW-0119192Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.02
DNW-0119293Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.249
DNW-0119394Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.024
DNW-0119495Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.035
DNW-0119596Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.036
DNW-0119697Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.054
DNW-0119798Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.04
DNW-0119898.8Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.162
DNW-01198.899.3Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.009
DNW-01199.3100.3Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.137
DNW-011100.3101.3Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.18
DNW-011101.3102Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.068
DNW-011102103Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.126
DNW-011103104Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.207
DNW-011104105Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.199
DNW-011105105.9Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.126
DNW-011105.9107.2Mafic Dyke0.734
DNW-011107.2107.7Mafic Dyke0.069
DNW-011107.7108.2Quartz Vein0.036
DNW-011108.2108.7Quartz Vein0.006
DNW-011108.7109.2Quartz Vein0.028
DNW-011109.2109.7Quartz Vein0.066
DNW-011109.7110.2Quartz Vein1.746
DNW-011110.2111Quartz Vein0.329
DNW-011111111.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.679
DNW-011111.95112.25Intermediate Tuff0.087
DNW-011112.25112.8Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.027
DNW-011112.8114intermediate tuff0.417
DNW-011114115intermediate tuff0.375
DNW-011115116.1intermediate tuff0.183
DNW-011116.1117intermediate tuff0.024
DNW-011117118Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.018
DNW-011118119Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.076
DNW-011119120Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.521
DNW-011120121Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.189
DNW-011121122Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.913
DNW-011122123Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.042
DNW-011123124Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.106
DNW-011124125Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.054
DNW-011125126Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.027
DNW-011126127Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.149
DNW-011127127.95Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.135
DNW-011127.95129Mafic Tuff1.239
DNW-011129130Mafic Tuff2.959
DNW-011130131Mafic Tuff1.042
DNW-011131132Mafic Tuff0.601
DNW-011132133Mafic Tuff0.564
DNW-011133134.05Mafic Tuff0.871
DNW-011134.05134.65Mafic Tuff2.136
DNW-011134.65135.65Intermediate Tuff0.524
DNW-011135.65136.85Intermediate Tuff2.658
DNW-011136.85138Intermediate Tuff1.179
DNW-011138139Felsic Tuff0.622
DNW-011139139.75Felsic Tuff0.745
DNW-011139.75140.25Felsic Tuff2.833
DNW-011140.25140.75Felsic Tuff0.371
DNW-011140.75141.25Felsic Tuff1.222
DNW-011141.25141.75Felsic Tuff2.115
DNW-011141.75142.25Felsic Tuff1.644
DNW-011142.25142.75Felsic Tuff0.453
DNW-011142.75143.25Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.904
DNW-011143.25144.1Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.924
DNW-011144.1145Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.349
DNW-011145146Felsic Tuff0.154
DNW-011146147Felsic Tuff0.295
DNW-011147147.85Felsic Tuff0.135
DNW-011147.85148.15Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.055
DNW-011148.15149.65Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.049
DNW-011149.65150.15Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.002
DNW-011150.15151Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.214
DNW-011151152.25Felsic Tuff0.196
DNW-011152.25153Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.214
DNW-011153154Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.456
DNW-011154155Felsic Tuff2.454
DNW-011155156Felsic Tuff0.33
DNW-011156156.65Felsic Tuff0.237
DNW-011156.65157.65Felsic Lapilli Tuff1.911
DNW-011157.65158.65Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.365
DNW-011158.65159.65Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.597
DNW-011159.65160.65Felsic Lapilli Tuff2.042
DNW-011160.65161.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.266
DNW-011161.5162.5Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.123
DNW-011162.5163.5Felsic Tuff0.04
DNW-011163.5164.5Felsic Tuff0.053
DNW-011164.5165.65Felsic Tuff0.181
DNW-011165.65166.15Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.061
DNW-011166.15167Felsic Lapilli Tuff0.268
DNW-011167168Felsic Tuff0.155
DNW-011168168.6Mafic Dyke6.391
DNW-011168.6169.6Felsic Tuff0.141

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