VIDEO - Chris Blasi: Forget the Noise, Precious Metals Will Prevail

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“Just stick with the fact that no matter what happens … it doesn’t matter, the metals are going to prevail,” said Chris Blasi of Neptune Global.

After the US Federal Reserve’s latest meeting, talk in the gold and silver markets has turned to interest rates, inflation and other factors as investors look for signals on where prices may go.

Speaking to the Investing News Network, Chris Blasi, president of Neptune Global, suggested that it may be best to focus on the long-term picture instead of day-to-day details.

In his view, the yellow metal is in the third leg of a secular bull market that began in 2001/2002. He expects this component to bring the greatest and most robust gains.

Blasi noted that debt has now been increasing for two decades and continues to grow. Meanwhile, the American economy has become reliant on the Fed printing more money — a “dysfunctional” situation that he doesn’t think it will be able to come back from.

“My point is all this noise you hear — it may be interesting to see what your daily cost of living is going to be, but for gold investors and actually precious metals investors … just stick with the fact that no matter what happens — whether we go into a deflationary collapse … or the Fed takes on this hyperinflationary collapse — it doesn’t matter, the metals are going to prevail,” he said.

Neptune Global is the home of the PMC Ounce, a unique product that offers investors exposure to gold, silver, platinum and palladium. As Blasi explained, each ounce represents a fixed fractional amount of those four metals, with weighting designed to provide diversified precious metals exposure.

Looking beyond gold, Blasi touched on silver, reminding investors that it’s volatile but offers opportunity.

“I’m really in alignment with most analysts in our community that silver does pose some excellent upside potential,” he said. “It will probably outperform gold on a percentage basis when this secular bull run is finished — but you’ve got to wear your seatbelt.”

Watch the interview above for more from Blasi on gold and silver, as well as palladium and platinum. He also shares his thoughts on the gold vs. bitcoin debate.

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