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Our top gold news stories of 2018 show that investors continue to value insight from experts on prices and market trends.

Thegold price was down about 3 percent year-to-date as of early December, changing hands at around US$1,240 per ounce.

Overall, the yellow metal has put on a lackluster performance in 2018, with many market watchers wondering why global events haven’t kicked off a rush towards safe-haven assets like gold.

It remains to be seen what 2019 will bring for the market — for now, let’s take a look at what happened this past year. Scroll down to see the list of our most popular gold news stories of 2018.

1. Gold Price Rises Amid US-China Trade Tensions

First on our list of top gold news stories of 2018 is an April article covering the impact of the US-China trade war on the gold price.As trade war concerns began to boil, the gold price got a boost, and investors wondered if the yellow metal’s turn had finally come.

Ultimately the trade war did not have a strong impact on the gold price, and in this article ABN Amro’s (AMS:ABN) Georgette Boele accurately predicts that outcome. Read the story to learn more.

2. Top Stock Picks: Holmes vs. Rule vs. Katusa

Unsurprisingly, at the beginning of 2018, many investors were interested in hearing the latest resource stock picks from Frank Holmes of US Global Investors (NASDAQ:GROW), Marin Katusa of Katusa Research and Rick Rule of US Sprott Holdings.

Which stocks did they select, and why? Read on to find out, and do some research to see how well these companies fared now throughout the year.

3. Rob McEwen: A Tsunami of Money is Headed for Precious Metals

Next on our list of top gold news stories is an interview with Rob McEwen of McEwen Mining (TSX:MUX,NYSE:MUX). McEwen had an optimistic view at the beginning of the year, predicting a rewarding 2018 for precious metals investors.

Why? Despite an obvious bias, the miner provided a very calculated argument for why he was expecting metals prices to go up. Click here to find out what McEwen based his predictions on, and see if you believe these factors could come into play in 2019. You can also see our latest talk with McEwen here.

4. Peter Schiff: It Could be Over for the Dollar

Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital makes an appearance on our list once again, this time diving deep into the complex workings of the US economy and sharing his predictions and investment recommendations. Schiff talks Trump, gold news, the US dollar and how to prepare for economic collapse.

Given his prediction that the US dollar will crash, what are his thoughts on bitcoin? Unsurprisingly, this gold bull cries foul on the cryptocurrency and talks about the bitcoin bubble popping — a call that has turned out to have some clout. Click here to find out more

5. Doug Casey: Will the Next Bubble Be in Mining?

Last on our list of 2018 top gold news stories is an interview with Doug Casey of Casey Research. He talks about the history of bubbles, referencing the 2000 internet bubble in which “there were a lot of busted mining companies that overnight turned into internet companies which subsequently went bust.”

Casey also mentions the possibility of there not only being a buying opportunity in the mining space, but also a bubble to come once these commodities stocks really take off. Listen to why Casey says you should be interested in these stocks, and what he forecasts for western civilization as a whole.

What were your favorite gold news stories in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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