VIDEO — Rick Rule: 2018 Could be the Year Uranium Turns

In this video interview, Rule also discusses the gold price and Sprott's soon-to-be-launched redeemable, gold-backed crypto token.

The mining industry is often described as cyclical, but what stage are we at right now? Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings believes that in baseball parlance we’re in “the third inning of a nine-inning ball game.”

Speaking at the recent Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, he explained, “[we’re at] what I like to call the sweet spot — you’re up off the bottom, investors are beginning to have some courage. Money’s coming back in the market, but the valuations still aren’t excessive.” He added, “I suspect 2018 will be a very, very good year for your listeners.”

Overall, he sees the resource space surprising to the upside in 2018. “I think the juniors will enjoy it, but I think they’ll be driven by the majors. My belief is that market segments move as a consequence of exceeding expectations, and the expectations for the mining industry are so low that they can’t help but be exceeded, at the same time that the industry itself has made some interesting reforms.”

Rule touched on gold before turning to uranium, commenting, “I think this is the year that uranium turns.” He explained, “the determinate as to whether 2018 is the year that uranium really moves will be made by the pace of Japanese reactor restarts.” Even so, he emphasized that even if the uranium market doesn’t turn around this year, it’s “a when market — there’s no doubt it’s going to happen.”

For investors, the key is to “not worry so much about uranium as worry about your own reaction to the market and determine whether you do or do not … have the mental discipline to stand volatility.”

Watch the video above for more insight from Rule on gold, uranium and Sprott’s soon-to-be-launched redeemable, gold-backed crypto token. The transcript for this interview will be added shortly.

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  • I would listen to Rick rule . He is a wise man. I am not sure any of theses Japanese. Reactors will come back on the politics and legal problems is enormous. I donor know why the Japanese’s

    I agree with Rick. Rule . He is wise . However I do not see see with the crazy politics of Japan. And legal issues any of these reactors will come back back on any time soon. As soon as they are approved they go into the court system and get delayed and cannot get restarted. The Japanese’s government needs to have a honest discussion with the people that the tsunami,I killed over 20000 people and not the reactor meltdown. They are fools if they do not understand the importance of nuclear energy cheaper and cleaner. Coal will kill more Japanese’s per year from polution than any other energy. And oil can go through the roof with prices and hurt there treasury. One freaking accident should not condemn a sector that has been good for the Japanese’s economy and electricity. They will come to there senses maybe the painful way


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