Benchmark Minerals Week: Graphite+Anodes 2018 Round-Up

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Did you miss this year’s Graphite+Anodes conference? Here’s a round-up of the expert interviews we conducted at the show.

This year’s Benchmark Minerals Week kicked off with the Graphite+Anodes conference, which was held in Newport Beach from October 22 to 23. 

At the event, there was no shortage of industry experts and company CEOs to talk to, and of course there were presentations and panels to take in as well.

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, don’t worry — we’ve put together a a quick look at the main highlights of the show and below we’ve gathered all the audio interviews we conducted with speakers at the conference. 

Shaun Verner of Syrah Resources: Graphite Production at Balama to Be Demand Driven

Shaun Verner, managing director and CEO of Syrah Resources (ASX:SYR), talks about the state of the graphite market, future supply and more.

The CEO stressed that production at Balama will be driven by market demand going forward.

“Next year we expect to produce between 250,000 and 300,000 tonnes and we will move to full capacity depending on demand,” he added.

Stephen Riddle: The Natural Flake Graphite Market is a “Buyer’s Market” Right Now

At the event, INN sat down with Stephen Riddle, CEO of Asbury Carbons, who shared his insight on the graphite market, both natural and synthetic.

Riddle said that the natural flake graphite market is turning into a “buyer’s market,” while the synthetic market is more of a “seller’s market.”

“[As an investor] in the natural flake graphite market, it’s about finding the right junior miner that fits the criteria of being low-cost, that has a good business plan and that is realistic in the market,” he said.

Albert Li: The State of the Graphite Market in China

In this interview, Albert Li, China analyst at Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, shares his insight on the the graphite market in the Asian country.

Speaking about the major trends in the graphite sector, Li explained that even though China has resources, more are needed outside of the country.

“Environmental policies are still having an impact on prices and supply,” he said.

Doug Campbell of Solid Power: Will Solid-state Batteries Displace Lithium ion?

Speaking about the role of graphite in anodes in the near term, Doug Campbell, CEO of Solid Power, said that “graphite isn’t dead yet, but metallic lithium as well as silicon are definitely on the horizon.”

Campbell said that solid-state batteries have emerged as the most viable candidate that could potentially displace lithium ion.

“[Some of the benefits of solid state are] higher energy, improved safety and when you think about a safer battery pack that’s basically a lower-cost battery pack,” he said, explaining that to reduce costs the focus should be at the cell level.

Christoph Frey: Graphite to Be Key in EV Batteries for the Next 5 to 10 Years

Christoph Frey, independent director and technical graphite specialist at Kibaran Resources (ASX:KNL), shared his thoughts on new anode technology and what he thinks the role of graphite will be in the future.

“I am convinced that graphite will be the main material for the anode of the lithium-ion battery, which is a big market,” he said, adding he expects the critical metal to be key in anodes for the next 5 to 10 years without any serious competition.

Peter Wright of Bass Metals: The Graphite Market Will Be Moderately Stronger in 2019

At the Graphite+Anodes event, the Investing News Network spoke to Peter Wright, executive director of Bass Metals (ASX:BSM).

The Australia-listed company, with operations in Madagascar, is an emerging producer of industrial mineral concentrates.

Mike Rosenstreich of Hexagon Resources: This is the Biggest Valuation Driver of Graphite Companies

INN had the chance to catch up with Mike Rosenstreich, managing director of Hexagon Resources (ASX:HXG).

The Australia-listed company, which is looking to become a vertically integrated graphite business, is focused on developing its McIntosh project in Western Australia to supply high-specification graphite materials to both traditional and emerging markets, Rosenstreich explained.

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