St George: Downhole EM Surveys Light Up Strong Conductors at Investigators Prospect

- October 4th, 2018

The company said that DHEM surveys of other recently completed drill holes is continuing.

St George Mining (ASX:SGQ) has announced exciting results from the DHEM surveys carried out in a number of the recently completed drill holes at the Mt Alexander project, located near Leonora in the north-eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.

As highlighted in the press release:

  • Downhole electromagnetic (DHEM) surveys in the recently completed drill holes at Investigators have identified strong off-hole conductors that are consistent with a massive sulphide source
  • Surveys in MAD116 and MAD118 result in the re-interpretation of conductor MAD111:X1 as three strong conductive sources with three new targets modelled for drilling: Conductor MAD116:X1 with conductivity of 208,000 Siemens and located to the north of MAD116 and MAD118,  Conductor MAD116:X2 with conductivity of 188,000 Siemens and located to the south of MAD116 and MAD118, Conductor MAD116:XXX with conductivity of 250,000 Siemens and located in a possible shear zone between MAD116 and MAD118
  • Survey in MAD120b identifies a strong off-hole conductor, named MAD120b:X1, trending in a westerly down-dip direction with modelled conductivity of 210,000 Siemens
  • The new conductors are located down plunge of the previously intersected mineralized ultramafic on the MAD111 section indicating the potential for a significant extension to the known mineralization at Investigators
  • Drilling of the new conductors is scheduled to commence later this week
  • DHEM surveys of other recently completed drill holes is continuing

Click here to read the full St George Mining (ASX:SGQ) press release.

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