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Mr. Gerri Greenham is pleased to announce that the Chinese Patent Office has accepted claims for Solarvest’s cecropin based malaria biologic.

Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. (TSXV:SVS), Mr. Gerri Greenham is pleased to announce that the Chinese Patent Office has accepted claims for Solarvest’s cecropin based malaria biologic. This in addition to our Australian and USA issued patents. Third party trials were conducted at the Toronto University Health Network at MaRS generating data which furthered our research and IP program. We would like to thank Dr. Ian Crandall for his expertise and support. With the current global awareness of diseases malaria still remains one of the world’s most serious diseases.

Malaria is a life threatening, mosquito borne disease caused by Plasmodium parasites. According to the World Malaria Report of 2018 by the WHO there were 228 million estimated cases with 435,000 related deaths, recorded worldwide. Solarvest Inc. has developed a genetically expressed anti-parasitic protein that is useful in treating or preventing endoparasitic infections such as malaria. This proprietary technology is based around a group of anti-microbial proteins that were originally isolated from the circulatory system of mosquitos, known as cecropins. Cecropins are small, amphipathic proteins, which interact with the lipid membrane of parasites and bacteria, causing pore like structure to form, inhibiting growth. It was discovered that cercopins are upregulated in mosquitos that harbour the malaria parasite, making them a candidate therapeutic for the treatment and prevention of the disease. Solarvest’s genetically modified cecropin is designed to be more stable and active than the endogenous mosquito proteins, providing it with more time to exert its effect on the malarial parasite. The efficacy of the protein has been confirmed through oral trials in a mice model parasite challenge. This protein may offer an alternative to the serious side effects resulting from the present chemical malaria treatments and prophylactics. Global temperature increases may see the expansion of the present range of the mosquito strains carrying the malaria parasite. The cecropin treatment for malaria adds to the company’s track record of creating high value proteins like BMP **

About: SOLARVEST BIOENERGY INC. (TSX-V: SVS). The expression of therapeutic molecules, vaccines, and nutraceutical products are the foundation/output of Solarvest’s patented technology platform. Amongst its Research and Development projects, the company previously initiated a program with FSD Pharma: NASDAQ: HUGE for the expression of purified cannabinoid proteins – Press Release May 2019. This partnership was created to take advantage of the Solarvest technology, which is capable of producing to the stringent human Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) quality standards. The Company will also release its first Omega-3 DHA nutraceutical product for children in 2020, a significant segment of the Ocean based Omega-3 market, that exceeds $20 billion* globally.

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* *GOED Omega 3 Market Presentation -2012 Estimated Global Consumer Spending on Products Containing EPA/DHA Oils.


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