Orchid Ventures: A Vertically-Integrated Cannabis Brand

- April 15th, 2019

Orchid Ventures Inc. (CSE:ORCD) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s cannabis channel. 

Orchid Ventures Inc. (CSE:ORCD) has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s cannabis channel.

Orchid Ventures is a vertically-integrated cannabis company operating under a B2B business model in California and Oregon. The company has developed a premium line of vaporizers that are available in over 300 dispensaries across California and Oregon. Orchid currently offers 12 SKUs in its product line, which has generated a 49 percent profit margin to date. The company intends to create its line of vaporizers at its manufacturing and distribution facilities located in both California and Oregon, which could provide a boost to Orchid’s bottom line.

Early this year, Orchid Ventures secured an $8.7 million purchase order from Indus Holding Co., one of California’s leading distribution companies. Indus had previously invested USD $1.5 million in Orchid through the company’s RTO financing. Moving forward Orchid intends to transition its manufacturing facilities into co-managed packaging facilities in order to reduce labor costs and improve overall margins.

Orchid Ventures’ company highlights include the following:

  • Global cannabis market to reach US$146.4 billion by 2025.
  • Vape sales are expected to surpass flower sales by 2022.
  • Operates under a wholesale and B2B business model.
  • Operating with a 49 percent profit margin.
  • Secured an $8.17 million purchase order from Indus Holdings Co.
  • Creating innovative product lines to supplement revenue generation.
  • Future domestic and international expansion opportunities.
  • Management is significantly invested in the company.

Click here to see the educational profile for Orchid Ventures (CSE:ORCD) and to request an investor presentation.

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