Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE:LXX, OTC:LXRP) (the “Company” or “Lexaria”), a global innovator in drug delivery platforms, announces that its DehydraTECHTM-enabled CBD infused powders are now available for sale across the USA to businesses wanting to produce topicals and edibles with clinically proven performance for increased consumer satisfaction and improved stability for financial savings by industry, solving key industry problems.

Both CBD/hemp and cannabis consumers have recently become concerned about potency and safety of the oil extract products they are purchasing. A European study discovered that THC potency tends to degrade by over 20% per year; and CBD potency by over 10% per year. (LINK)

Certain types of packaging, such as polystyrene, can also absorb between 60% and 100% of the THC within (LINK), if the consumer products have not been stabilized such as is possible with DehydraTECH. Consumers have legitimate concerns about inventories of hemp or cannabis oil or plant matter being used to create products, and whether their potency is as advertised.

During 2019, two of North America’s largest cannabis companies announced multi-million-dollar losses on aged cannabis inventories. Output from enormous grow operations has not yet been maximized, but it is already clear that supply is currently much larger than demand. During the Fall of 2019, American farmers delivered the largest CBD/hemp crops in US history, leading to another glut of supply and plummeting prices for oils containing CBD. All the while, significant financial savings in inventory management can be realized by utilizing DehydraTECH to process cannabinoid extracts into stable powders prior to use in a wide range of edible and topical product formats, at less than the cost of product insurance.

Lexaria’s patented DehydraTECHTM technology and powder processing methodology, similar in some ways to a pasteurization technique, not only helps to preserve cannabinoid potency but it also helps to reduce or eliminate microbiological growth and cannabinoid degradation. Reduction in water activity as is core to Lexaria’s process is a powerful way to render materials “too dry for microbes to flourish and, thus, safe.” (LINK)

DehydraTECH turns cannabis and hemp oils into stabilized powders enabled with proprietary technology that enables faster and more effective absorption into the human bloodstream once ingested, but also greatly preserves the cannabinoids contained within and mitigates microbiological growth for longer shelf life. In fact, long term storage of 2-3 years – or more – of extract oils processed with DehydraTECH is possible with reduced loss of cannabinoids compared to current industry practices.

DehydraTECH is one of the most-studied technologies available to the cannabinoid industries, including extensive laboratory testing at Canada’s National Research Council, as well as through many animal and human studies.

Fortunately for the industry and for consumers, Lexaria licenses its patented DehydraTECH technology to companies for use directly within their facilities and operations for all of their edible and topical cannabis and/or hemp extract processing needs and also sells its pre-processed CBD/hemp DehydraTECH powders directly to manufacturers for use within their own products. Current processing capacity of approximately 250,000 X 10 mg servings of CBD per day is available.

For a more thorough explanation of these subjects, please go to www.lexariabioscience.com and review Lexaria’s latest published articles.

For businesses wanting more information on ordering enhanced DehydraTECH CBD infused powders for direct input into your new or existing product sku’s or inventory management purposes please contact info@lexariabioscience.com.

About Lexaria

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. is a global innovator in drug delivery platforms. Its patented DehydraTECH(TM) drug delivery technology changes the way Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients enter the bloodstream, promoting healthier ingestion methods, lower overall dosing and higher effectiveness for lipophilic active molecules. DehydraTECH increases bio-absorption; reduces time of onset; and masks unwanted tastes for orally administered bioactive molecules including cannabinoids, vitamins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), nicotine and other molecules. Lexaria has licensed DehydraTECH to multiple companies in the cannabis industry for use in cannabinoid beverages, edibles and oral products; and to a world-leading tobacco producer for the development of smokeless, oral-based nicotine products. Lexaria operates a licensed in-house research laboratory and holds a robust intellectual property portfolio with 16 patents granted and over 60 patents pending worldwide.


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