CB2 Insights Completes Full-Scale Platform to Connect Disparate Data Systems

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CB2 Insights announced its core technology platform, Sail, is now primed for streamlining and aggregating disparate healthcare data systems.

CB2 Insights (CSE:CBII, OTCQB:CBIIF) (“CB2” or the “Company”), a leading data-driven company focused on bringing real-world evidence driven from the point-of-care to the medical cannabis community, today announced its core technology platform, Sail, is now primed for streamlining and aggregating disparate healthcare data systems to enable current and future partners to make faster and smarter business decisions.

“As is often seen in healthcare, managing multiple, disparate systems is a large and expensive barrier and often leads to failed attempts at making solid business decisions. At CB2 we are committed to be the leading company for streamlining, measuring, and generating insightful data to make improvements for the maturing global medical cannabis industry,” said Prad Sekar, CEO, CB2 Insights. “Our Sail platform, which has been used to collect and analyse millions of data points from hundreds of thousands of medical patients using cannabinoid therapy, is now able to integrate full data inputs from Electronic Medical Record (EMR), dispensary, pharmacy systems, and clinical research systems upon which to produce actionable insights.”

CB2 Insights has active partnerships in North America, the UK and Colombia which have acted as the catalyst to synergize its multiple technology platforms such as its electronic data capture (EDC) software, its clinical data management system (CDMS), and its dispensary loyalty platform (TokeIn), in order to create a single, comprehensive platform that will now centralize all existing and external systems to support Real World Evidence (RWE) data collection and clinical trial studies for its growing, international client base.

“CB2 Insights will deploy the industry’s first cannabinoid-focused healthcare data aggregation tool to serve multiple stakeholders across the cannabis and life sciences industries by integrating data from a myriad of sources,” said Kash Qureshi, President & CTO, CB2 Insights. “The data lake will integrate a variety of distinct raw data sets sourced from clinical assets, dispensaries, cannabis companies and other key industry suppliers. Raw anonymized data will be ingested and catalogued, creating a repository that in turn will be a single source to generate insights which can be reviewed and tested over indefinitely and will be key to improving research projects moving forward.”

As a health information technology and clinical research firm focusing on improving patient outcomes, many companies of its kind in other focus areas can often struggle to organize multiple, unstructured data sources which result in timely and costly projects. Organizations such as IQVIA, the largest such company in the industry, has found major success though its IMS Health arm which has excelled in collecting, managing, cleaning and analysing data from multiple disparate sources into a single health information technology system. CB2 Insights is proud to have brought the same methodology and technology strength to the medical cannabis sector.

Earlier this year, CB2 Insights announced that it had secured technology and data focused partnerships with Premier Health Group, UK-based Drug Science, MyAccess Clinics, VIVO Cannabis and FCM Global in Colombia.

About CB2 Insights

CB2 Insights (CSE:CBII) is a global leader in clinical operations, technology & analytics solutions and research and development services with a mission to mainstream medical cannabis into traditional healthcare. Providing immediate market access through its wholly-owned clinical network across 12 jurisdictions, proprietary data-driven technology solutions and comprehensive contract research services designed for those in both the medical cannabis and traditional life sciences industries, CB2 Insights is able to support its partners across the entire data and research spectrum.

CB2’s Clinical Operations business unit leverages extensive experience to develop clinical models with standard operating procedures, advanced workflows, training and ongoing management support. CB2 also owns and operates its own speciality clinics including the brands Canna Care Docs and Relaxed Clarity which assess nearly 100,000 patients seeking medical cannabis treatment to provide immediate market access to US-based product manufacturers for clinical trial and research programs.

The Company has built both electronic data capture (EDC) and clinical data management software (CDMS) which work to support its partners of any size to execute their data and clinical strategies.

CB2 also offers comprehensive contract research organization (CRO) services including full scale clinical trial management, trial design, monitoring and other key research functions used by licensed producers, multi-state operators and traditional pharmaceutical companies entering the medical cannabis space.

For more information please visit www.cb2insights.com.

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