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INN spoke with the organizers of the revamped W3B conference, an event that will explore the role of digital assets in the modern financial world.

The ongoing crypto bear market is creating pressure points in an industry that's entering a new chapter.

At the upcoming Web3 & Blockchain World (W3B) conference, market enthusiasts will discuss the sector's progress and how it can advance further. Organized by the Blockchain Research Institute, a longstanding advocacy group for blockchain solutions, the event will be led by cryptocurrency experts such as Alex Tapscott of Ninepoint Partners and the Blockchain Research Institute.

Ahead of W3B, Douglas Heintzman, chief catalyst at the Blockchain Research Institute, discussed how the event will be different from previous iterations and what mood he expects to see among DeFi enthusiasts at this time of year.

W3B pursues stripped-down format for blockchain conversations

Speaking to the Investing News Network (INN), Heintzman said W3B was previously known as Blockchain Revolution Global. But after the pandemic, the team recognized the need to adjust. This year's iteration of the conference is intended to feel like a big conversation between experts and attendees instead of a one-way talk.

“No one knows how this all plays out, right? People have some understanding of the building blocks, but how those building blocks are going to be composed and assembled in different configurations … is unknown,” he said.

“It's not going to be a 'talking heads,' 'speeches and slides' sort of conference,” the expert continued, noting that W3B will aim to facilitate openness. “It's going to be really centered around being witness to, and participating in, conversation.”

The way W3B will do that is by creating a campfire atmosphere. “We actually have the whole thing (set up) as a Canadian wilderness camp. We have main lodge addresses, we've got campfires, we've got fireside chats,” Heintzman explained.

“The whole motif and decor is all trees, fire pits and camping chairs. It's designed to be much more intimate, much more conversational. Let's put a lot of the formality aside, and we're going to sit down and talk this through.”

W3B discussions to look at Web3 and DeFi opportunities

When asked what topics he thinks will dominate conversations at W3B, Heintzman told INN that the event will go beyond blockchain to look at how businesses can use Web3 and DeFi technology.

But he also expects there to be a lot of talk about how the volatile cryptocurrency space is maturing.

In his view, speculation in the industry comes from both its newness and a lack of education. “There's been a lot of people involved in cryptocurrency that don't really understand what cryptocurrency is, don't understand the different kinds of digital assets and their interactions, don't really understand the difference between a crypto bearer asset and a protocol token,” he said.

Many blockchain experts hope to advance the conversation past day trading price moves in cryptocurrencies to the underlying value and impact of these digital assets.

Investor takeaway

According to Heintzman, the W3B event is set to discuss the theme of blockchain and Web3 solutions becoming critical components of the asset digitization trend in the corporate world.

The two day event will also offer an awards gala to celebrate thought leaders in the space, and will have a heavy online component to accommodate for COVID-19 rules and concerns.

W3B will take place from November 8 to 9, 2022, at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.

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