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October 8, 2019

Ethereum Classic Summit: New Applications in Blockchain

INN recaps highlights from the recent Ethereum Classic Summit, which covered topics like offline messaging, robotics and ASIC mining.
September 18, 2019

Big Screen Entertainment Signs Deal with MTonomy

Big Screen's movies will be carried on MTonomy's cryptocurrency app as part of a distribution and content management agreement.
September 11, 2019

Alkaline Water Company to Expand CBD Beverage Line with Merger

As a part of the merger, Alkaline plans on expanding product portfolios for both companies across the US using a...
September 8, 2019

5 Top Weekly NASDAQ Tech Stocks: SeaChange Climbs 27 Percent

Which NASDAQ tech stocks gained the most last week? We run through the five biggest gainers in this article.
June 17, 2019

Adobe and UC Berkeley Develop Deepfake Detection Technology

Adobe and UC Berkeley are applying deep learning algorithms that can detect AI-powered deepfakes with 99 percent accuracy.
May 9, 2019

Fintech-focused SoFi Launches 2 New ETFs

One of the newly launched funds from the company is centered around the gig economy and the second is high...
April 29, 2019

What is the Mobile Web?

The mobile web, or Web 3.0, has taken off as the new way to access the internet. Here’s a look...