January 11, 2018

Saturn Oil & Gas Announces Viking IP30 Results

Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. (TSXV:SMI) announced initial 30-day production rates (“IP30”) for its two recent Viking horizontal wells, as...
March 2, 2016

Saturn Minerals Starts Completions Test at Bannock Creek

Saturn Minerals (TSXV:SMI) has begun completions at its Bannock Creek project in northeastern Saskatchewan. In this area, the company intersected...
February 16, 2016

Saturn Minerals Reports Oil Saturation and Porosity Results from 9B-5

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSXV:SMI) announced that it's received oil saturation and porosity results from drill core taken from its 9B-5...
February 9, 2016

Saturn Minerals Reports New Oil Discovery at Bannock Creek Project

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSXV:SMI) announced that it's made a new oil discovery in three different potential pay zones at the...
January 8, 2016

Saturn Minerals Begins Drilling at Bannock Creek Exploration Well

Saturn Minerals (TSXV:SMI) has begun drilling at its Bannock Creek property.
September 30, 2015

Saturn Minerals' Oil Exploration Well at Bannock Creek Approved

Saturn Minerals Inc. (TSXV:SMI,FWB:SMK) has been granted approval by the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy for one Red River or...
April 24, 2015

Saturn Minerals Receives Permit and License for Bannock Creek Oil Well

Saturn Minerals (TSXV:SMI) has been granted a permit to drill an oil well at its Bannock Creek property in Saskatchewan....