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Commodity Focus – Tantalum

GMF- Resource Calculator reports on the commodity, Tantalum. Of these 4 minerals, of tantalum is in the position of being he greatest concern due to the fact that in the last 10 years ever increasing amounts of conflict tantalum has entered the western world, while recently there have also been

Resource Market Weekly Recap

Price retreats in aluminum and palladium became newsworthy following the considerable headline story of Afghanistan’s potential of $1 trillion of untapped mineral deposits including critical industrial metals such as iron, copper, and cobalt; in addition to strategic resources like lithium, rare earth deposits of niobium and large deposits of gold.

Tantalum Capacitor Producers: Industrial Overview

The largest application for tantalum is in the electronics capacitor industry, totaling approximately 68 percent of global demand. Although tantalum consumption in the United States in 2009 was estimated to decrease by about 5 percent from the previous year, a large manufacturer of passive electronic components sees a very

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