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April 24, 2018

VIDEO — International Battery Metals: We’ve Got a Perfect Storm in Lithium

Dr. John Burba of International Battery Metals discusses the lithium market and his company's lithium extraction technology.
February 28, 2018

Types of Lithium Brine Deposits

Lithium brine deposits have gained more and more interest as of late on the back of a veritable lithium rush...
June 9, 2016

Simbol Energy Missed Out on a $325 Million Tesla Deal

The company had the option to be acquired by Tesla for $325 million in stock, but the deal never went...
September 12, 2014

California Company Looking at Geothermal Plants as a Lithium Source

California's Simbol Materials is taking a novel approach to mining lithium: the company extracts lithium brine from the wastewater of...
April 4, 2013

POSCO’s Lithium Brine Processing Technology Could be a Game Changer

If proven successful, POSCO’s new lithium extraction technology may further lower the cost of production at brine deposits, widening their...
October 1, 2012

Securing Lithium Supply Chain Crucial for Technology Industry

Lithium supply security is front and center in the minds of the world’s leading technology firms. New research at Missouri...
September 20, 2012

Fifty Pounds Of Lithium In Each Electric Car

SFGate reported it takes 50 pounds of lithium to run each electric car.
September 19, 2012

Lithium Demand Expected To Rise

Bloomberg reported lithium demand is spurring a U.S. company to build a factory to extract the metal from brine in...
November 25, 2011

Lithium Produced from Geothermal Waist Water

Simbol Materials announced new technology for extracting lithium from geothermal power generators.
September 28, 2011

Start-Up in California Plans to Capture Lithium, and Market Share

NY Times reported that Simbol Materials announced that it is beginning commercial operations at a factory in Southern California to...