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December 31, 2018

Phosphate Outlook 2019: Supply Constraints to Bolster Prices

In 2018, phosphate prices trended higher throughout the year, but what's the phosphate outlook for next year?
November 7, 2017

China Clears Agrium and PotashCorp Merger

China’s Ministry of Commerce has approved the merger between Agrium and PotashCorp, and the transaction is expected to close by...
November 7, 2017

Agrium Announces Sale of Conda Phosphate and North Bend Nitric Acid Operations

Agrium (TSX: AGU) (NYSE: AGU) announces that it has signed a definitive asset purchase agreement with Itafos, whereby Agrium will sell its...
August 30, 2017

Phosphate Mining in the US and Canada

Phosphate plays a major role in crop production, and investors interested in this vital material should know about phosphate mining...
January 9, 2017

Phosphate Outlook 2017: Demand on the Rise

For those interested in the phosphate sector, demand for the fertilizer will continue growing over the next couple of years.
June 21, 2016

India's Tata Chemicals Suspends Di-ammonium Phosphate Production at Haldia

Tata Chemicals has suspended di-ammonium phosphate production at its Halida plant in Bengal, Business Standard reported. As quoted in the...
May 5, 2016

The Mosaic Company Reports Lower Potash Prices, Lower Sales for Q1

The Mosaic Company (NYSE:MOS) reported Q1 earnings of $257 million, down from $295 million the year previous, on the back...