Tag: Jushi Holdings

March 2, 2020

Jushi Announces Adult-Use Cannabis Sales at Illinois Dispensary

Jushi Holdings announced that one of its two newly acquired Illinois dispensaries will open for adult-use cannabis sales today, March...
January 30, 2020

Dispensary Race Ignites in Illinois Cannabis Market

Public players in the Illinois cannabis market are considering opening additional stores to meet consumer demand.
January 30, 2020

Jushi Subsidiary Purchases Two Dispensaries in Illinois

Jushi announced that its subsidiary has become the majority owner of two Illinois medical cannabis dispensaries.
November 15, 2019

Cannabis Weekly Round-Up: Quarterly Updates Rock Market

The Investing News Network rounds up some of the biggest company and market news in the cannabis market for the...
October 28, 2019

Jushi Holdings Receives DTC Eligibility

Jushi Holdings (NEO:JUSH.B,OTCQX:JUSHF) announced on Monday (October 28) it has obtained DTC eligibility with the Depository Trust Company (DTC) for its shares...
August 5, 2019

Cannabis Investment: Canadian Cannabis Stocks

Are you interested in cannabis investment? Here's a list of Canadian marijuana stocks for investors to reference.
August 1, 2019

NEO Marijuana Stocks

As the cannabis market continues its expansion, investors can now find marijuana stocks on the NEO Exchange.