November 8, 2018

Chinese Rare Earths Exports Dip to 3-year Low

After announcing plans to reduce its rare earths production for the remainder of 2018, China saw its exports drop by...
November 7, 2018

Top Rare Earth Mining Reserves by Country

China is the top producer of rare earths and also holds the largest reserves. Which other countries made the list...
October 30, 2018

China Reducing Rare Earths Production for Remainder of Year

This latest announcement from China could drive prices significantly higher as consumers are left scrambling to meet their quotas.
October 29, 2018

Lynas Granted Residue Storage Extension

Australian-based Lynas is one the largest rare earth development companies with an ongoing project in Malaysia. Word of the favorable...
October 23, 2018

VIDEO — GeoMegA’s Kiril Mugerman: The Time to Invest in Rare Earths is Now

Kiril Mugerman, president and CEO of GeoMegA Resources, explains how recycling is reshaping the rare earths sector and why investors...
October 3, 2018

Lynas Asks for “Fairness and Transparency” Ahead of Malaysian Review

Australian rare earths producer Lynas has released an open letter to the government and people of Malaysia ahead of a...
September 13, 2018

3 Top Rare Earth Stocks on the ASX

Read on to learn more about the three top rare earth stocks on the ASX by market cap and what...