Kuuhubb to Launch Two New Commercial Mobile Games

- October 3rd, 2019

Kuuhubb is creating a niche for itself as it focuses on female gamers, with previous titles bringing in US$33 million in revenues.

Kuuhubb (TSXV:KUU), a company that develops and publishes mobile games announced that it will be releasing two new commercial games: Dance Talent and Tile and Tales. In particular, Kuuhubb is positioning itself as a company that focuses on the female demographic, with previous games Recolor and My Hospital generating US$33 million in revenue.

As quoted in the press release:

Kuuhubb continues to diversify its portfolio and has two titles for the Match-3 gaming market under development. Match-3 puzzle, or “tile matching” games, require players to connect pieces on a board by swapping or linking them, completing levels that typically get progressively more difficult. The growing Match-3 market is estimated to generate over USD 5B annually and 78 percent of the segment’s players are women (Sources: Sensor Tower, FMG). Kuuhubb’s next generation Match-3 games, Dance Talent and Tiles & Tales, take the basic tile matching concept and expand by adding visual and story-based progression through a so called ‘meta game’. Meta games enable a higher level of player interaction through characters and stories and result in enhanced engagement and increased longevity of the games.

Dance Talent features a unique 3D dance narrative allowing players to create characters that they can use to advance through puzzle levels while unlocking dance outfits and accessories and mastering dance styles such as Salsa, Waltz, Quickstep, Street and the Charleston among many others. The game has been in soft launch since November 2018 and Kuuhubb anticipates its commercial launch later this year.

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