Soon-To-Be-Launched FANDOM SPORTS Social Media Platform Will Reward Participating Users with FANCOINS to be Redeemed for Real-World Experiences

FANDOM SPORTS, (CSE:FDM) (OTCQB:FDMSF) (FRANKFURT:TQ42) a soon-to-be-launched social media platform for sports fans, is pleased to announce that the company will embrace an innovative model for connecting and engaging with sports fans, through blockchain.

With the decentralization of sports media through the advent of emerging social and mobile platforms, traditional media companies can no longer rely exclusively on old revenue models. Once a content creator builds a library of content and attracts consumers, they are still forced to rely on traditional media subscriptions to measure engagement and advertising revenue. In their search for new revenue streams, companies look to everything from crowd funding, tiered subscription models and sponsored posts. FANDOM SPORTS is setting the standard for new revenue streams by adopting a proprietary blockchain model.

“Media conglomerates have long-dominated the sports and entertainment market,” said FANDOM SPORTS CEO & Director Henri Holm. “Now, there’s a seismic shift across the industry as sports fans consume far less traditional broadcast media, in favour of mobile and non-traditional platforms. More and more content creators use these platforms to speak with sports fans, rather than speaking at them. We are eager to embrace this trend and transform the industry.”

FANDOM SPORTS’ Entertainment Platform was built in collaboration with Deqode and uses distributed a micro-services architecture designed in collaboration with IBM Blockchain to serve as the foundation for the sports and esports applications. It uses The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric to facilitate an app economy powered by FANCOIN. FANDOM chose a blockchain platform to enable a frictionless FANCOIN global economy system that places all transactions on a distributed ledger, making them immutable and completely transparent to the public. This ensures pay-outs to the correct users within the ecosystem. Tracking this digital footprint also provides extremely valuable metadata generated by users’ behaviour.

FANDOM in-app economy will maximize daily revenue with moment-based marketing on daily check-ins using blockchain and verified in-app purchases. Blockchain has enabled FANDOM’s applications to be used in partnership with leading sports-themed brands, leagues and service providers within three verticals – live sports, fantasy and esports – from around the world, by supplying interactive sports entertainment for superfans and fans.

“Sports superfans aren’t afraid of stepping up to the plate to engage other users by unleashing their opinions, and FANDOM, leveraging blockchain platform – offers the perfect arena,” added Holm.

Building on the platform and company’s tagline “Pick A Fight” TM superfans can explore, gloat, predict, invite friends, create provocative topics and play to win while inside the FANDOM app, which will be available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in June 2019 – and will revolutionize the world of sports and esports fandom.

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“Play. Predict. Get Rewarded.” FANDOM SPORTS Media is an entertainment and gaming company “Hell Bent” on finding and creating the best interactive sports and esports content. FANDOM SPORTS allow super fans to unleash their primal sports passions by engaging with other fans, cheering for their favourite teams and players and jeering their opponents.

The FANDOM SPORTS app allows users to unleash their primal sports passion by allowing fans to play, predict and get rewarded on real time sport and esports events. The company’s 1-2-1 strategy is built-on a Blockchain Platform two global apps with one FANCOIN economy for super fans fight one another within an entertaining mobile application and to get rewarded for the action.

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