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NexOptic Technology Corp. (“NexOptic” or the “Company”) (TSXV:NXO, OTCQB:NXOPF, FRANKFURT:E3O1) announced today that final design upgrades have been made to DoubleTake™, its multi-award-winning binoculars, and production of key components is now underway.

NexOptic Technology Corp. (“NexOptic” or the “Company”) (TSXV:NXO, OTCQB:NXOPF, FRANKFURT:E3O1) announced today that final design upgrades have been made to DoubleTake™, its multi-award-winning binoculars, and production of key components is now underway.

Staying true to NexOptic’s goal of creating the world’s most innovative imaging products, DoubleTake’s upgrades include a significant enhancement to its primary lens, which will now be built without any plastic lens components and will contain extra-low dispersion optical glass.

“DoubleTake’s upgraded lens ensures that we will better meet the stringent requirements of today’s outdoor adventurers, live sports fans, and discerning photographers,” said Rich Geruson, Chairman of NexOptic. “Our new precision, high-magnification lens enables brilliant, bright images, high contrast color reproduction, and high detail resolution without increasing size or affecting magnification capabilities.”

Other enhancements to DoubleTake include:

  • The rugged, water resistant housing has been redesigned to accommodate a new, changeable/rechargeable custom NexOptic battery without increasing its dimensions.
  • NexOptic batteries can be recharged while the device is stationary, in use, or in a NexOptic charging station.
  • A lens hood has been created to ensure screen shade under bright light.
  • The viewing screen is approximately 20% brighter; the new screen design is complete and tooling for it has commenced.
  • Grip ergonomics have been improved.

A line of product-enhancing accessories will also be made available to consumers when DoubleTake launches later this year. This includes travel accessories, custom battery chargers, and more. These product upgrades and accessories are a result of NexOptic’s ongoing proactive outreach to, and feedback from, consumers.

Manufacturing of the first optical prototypes is underway, after which an initial production run will commence to confirm that NexOptic’s quality standards are being met, and scaled production increases will follow.

To expedite the final stages of DoubleTake’s development, NexOptic collaborated with a US-based project management firm. Its mandate is to oversee all production stages, and, to date, has validated the industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, optical engineering, PCB layout, software, firmware, apps, tooling, and packaging.

The firm has extensive experience in manufacturing and photo-electronics as well as strategic insight into various sales and marketing options. In the forthcoming delivery phase, the firm can also cover the completion of all required documents and certifications in addition to final quality control (QC) inspections and acceptance quality level (AQL) standards that are applied to final QC including a full range of functional, environmental, drop testing, and more including: packaging, UPC scan, export documentation, air/ocean forwarding, foreign trade zone and other logistics support to help move finished product to global destinations.

The following features continue to be key components of DoubleTake:

  • Shock and water resistant
  • Full remote control and viewfinder from iOS and Android smartphones
  • Route and image location mapping with GPS waypoints
  • Date, time, weather, moon phase, wind condition records
  • Image notes

About NexOptic Technology Corp.

NexOptic is an innovative optical development company, which aims to enhance the way we view the world around us. The Company is preparing to launch DoubleTake, its multi-award winning, reimagined binoculars designed to disrupt the growing outdoor recreation market. DoubleTake utilizes NexOptic’s high magnification lenses for a state-of-the-art digital experience. NexOptic is also working to commercialize its ground-breaking artificial intelligence (“AI”) for imaging as well as exploring opportunities for its innovative mobile lens designs. Utilizing Blade Optics™, the Company’s developing suite of optical technologies that now includes AI, NexOptic can increase aperture sizes within given depth constraints of various imaging applications to improve diffraction-limits and resolution. NexOptic’s AI drastically reduces image noise and motion blur common in poor lighting environments. Besides enhancing image quality, NexOptic’s AI can be used to improve long-range image stabilization and image capture in otherwise difficult lighting conditions.

Blade Optics refers to NexOptic’s lens designs, algorithms, and mechanics, which vary from patented to patent-pending, and includes all the Company’s intellectual property and know-how. More information is available at

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