Eguana Technologies Selected for Unitil Solar Project

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Eguana Technologies will be partnering with Unitil Energy for the development of four 5kW residential solar projects.

Eguana Energies (TSXV:EGT), energy storage company has launched a number of energy storage solutions as part of a pilot project for Unitil Energy. Supplying solar PV systems remotely, Eguana’s control algorithms allow solar energy systems to either be controlled by the utility or homeowner itself. These systems will be integrated within four residential projects with 5 kilowatt capacities.

As quoted in the press release:

Behind, or in front of the meter, Eguana’s flexible fleet and local control algorithms permit the system to be operated either by the utility, or transferred to the homeowner, where the preferred operating mode can then revert to a solar self-consumption system with or without a time-of-use tariff structure. Throughout the pilot and beyond, customers have been provisioned with permanently wired backup panels. Integrating AC coupled solar arrays to the backup panel, the customers can ride through multiple day grid outages while providing power to critical home loads like refrigeration, lighting, and small appliances/electronics.

“We are pleased that our technology platform has been selected by ReVision Energy, who is one of the most important names in the Northeast solar market, as it continues to illustrate our reach into the American solar market,” said Livio Filice, Director of Sales at Eguana Technologies, “There are various emerging Demand Response programs being shaped in New England which will benefit the uptake rate of residential energy storage systems in the near future. Eguana’s participation in this next-generation utility pilot project marks the company’s successful entrance into the Northeast utility market.”

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