TSXV Top 5: Fission 3.0 Gains on Fission Uranium Transaction

- February 16th, 2015

Last week, the TSX Venture Exchange recovered from a midweek dip to close at 696.51 on Friday. Camino Minerals was the best-performing stocks from the resource sector for the week, followed by Fission 3.0, Northern Freegold Resources, Lion One Metals, Lion One Metals and Santacruz Silver Mining.

TSXV top 5 Fission uranium transactionLast week, the TSX Venture Exchange recovered from a midweek dip to close at 696.51 on Friday.

Camino Minerals (TSXV:COR) was the best-performing stocks from the resource sector for the week, followed by Fission 3.0 (TSXV:FUU), Northern Freegold Resources (TSXV:NFR), Lion One Metals (TSXV:LIO), Lion One Metals (TSXV:LIO) and Santacruz Silver Mining (TSXV:SCZ).

Camino Minerals 

Shares of discovery-oriented mineral exploration company Camino Minerals gained 48.48 percent to trade at $0.25. The company was formed in connection with Goldcorp’s (TSX:G) acquisition of Canplats Resources in February 2010. Since then, Camino has acquired Minquest Peru developed a project in Cusco, Peru.  Camino Minerals did not release any news that would explain the change.

Fission 3.0 

Fission 3.0, a uranium project generator, posted the second-biggest gains for the week. Shares traded at $0.12 for an increase of 41.18 percent. The gain coincided with news that Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX:FCU) would acquire 22,000,000 shares of Fission 3.0. The shares represent 12 percent of the Fission 3.0’s outstanding and issued share capital, and the investment will provide Fission 3.0 with the capital it needs to invest in early-stage properties in the Athabasca Basin region of Canada. Fission’s portfolio of properties in the basin remains largely undeveloped. The transaction should be completed by Feb. 24, pending TSXV approval.

Northern Freegold Resources

Northern Freegold Resources shares gained 25 percent for the week to trade at $0.10. The company develops a copper and gold project in the Dawson Mountain Range in Canada, and maintains Arizona’s Burro Creek gold and silver project. It did not issue any news to explain the rise.

Lion One Metals 

Vancouver-based Lion One Metals gained 19.05 percent to trade at $0.23. The company specializes in exploration, exposition and development of mineral projects, holding the Tuvatu gold project in Fiji and the Olary Iron Project in Australia.

The company did not provide news that accounted for the change.

Santacruz Silver Mining

Santacruz Silver Mining operates the Rosario silver mine in Mexico and maintains two advanced projects in San Felipe and Gavilanes. It has also begun exploration on a fourth project in El Gachi, and aims to continue growing its production to become a mid-tier silver producer. Shares climbed 18.75 percent to trade at $0.37.

There was no news that explained the price increase.

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