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Renforth Resources (CSE:RFR) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the most recent Parbec drill results, including an intersection of 3.64 g/t Au over 19.3 m in PAR-18-78 in Chlorite Schist and Diorite, which includes 4.2m grading 11.7 g/t Au in a Magnetic Diorite body.

Renforth Resources (CSE:RFR) (“Renforth” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the most recent Parbec drill results, including an intersection of 3.64 g/t Au over 19.3 m in PAR-18-78 in Chlorite Schist and Diorite, which includes 4.2m grading 11.7 g/t Au in a Magnetic Diorite body.  This Magnetic Diorite is also seen in PAR-18-77, the first hole in this recent program and the most easterly drilled to date, and is visually similar to a mineralized diorite sill in PAR-17-63 which graded 9.42 g/t Au over 0.9m, part of a wider interval of 2.34 g/t over 11.05m (between 44.75 and 55.8m depth), drilled in December and previously press released, located 450m to the west of PAR-18-78.

Parbec Observations

  • Extended Gold Mineralization: Renforth drilled 19 holes at Parbec since December 2017. Each of these holes returned gold values, extending the mineralization outside of the NI 43-101 resource statement model.
  • New Gold Target Identified: Newly identified Magnetic Diorite mineralized body located from the central part of the resource area to the eastern end of current drilling, a distance of ~450-500m.  Higher assays may correlate with brecciated zones within the diorite welded with quartz and albite.

○  The Magnetic Diorite zone in PAR-18-78 appears to line up with a zone seen in 1940’s drilling where a “Grey Porphyry” gave several assays ◦ over 1 oz/ton.  These results are historic in nature and not to be relied upon.

○  Unsampled core, from a unit logged as similar to the Magnetic Diorite and ~25m to the east, previously drilled in hole PAR-10-06, is available to Renforth and will be sampled and assayed.

○  In an initial review of existing data it is apparent PAR-86-06 intersected the Magnetic Diorite with an assay of 1.97 oz/t Au over 2.5 feet, drilled, logged and sampled by Brian H. Newton P.Geo.  In the resource modeling process this stood out as a higher than usual, unique gold occurrence, the significance of the lithology was not realized at the time.

Magnetic Diorite Significance

Magnetic Diorite identified at Parbec corresponds to iron rich diorite intrusions documented in gold deposits previously mined in the Malartic camp. The former Barnat and East Malartic mines, part of the current adjacent Canadian Malartic Mine property, totalled a production of 26.4 million tonnes for 4 Moz at an average grade of 4.7 g/t gold (Source: SIGEOM), principally developed inside the Piché Group, in a setting like the Parbec mineralization.

Iron rich diorite can be typically called an altered rock with a composition usually observed within gold mineralization zones that includes biotite, tourmaline, pyrite, and magnetite.

The relationship between the gold system, a particular type of intrusion and the mineralogical composition creates a strong exploration vector at Parbec.  Extensive quartz veining is not expected from the diorite lithology, we are targeting fractures and veinlet control inside a disseminated pyrite environment, which could form a continuous lens.

The next steps at Parbec will include data integration and interpretation, this will focus on a better understanding of data and information between historic drill logs, current drill core, geophysical and structural data, mineralogy and geochemistry in order to identify the extent of the newly recognized magnetic diorite body and formulate future exploration targets..

Parbec Drill Results PAR-18-77 – PAR-18-81

Below are the highlights of assay results for PAR-18-77 (which has been previously released) through to PAR-18-81.

DDHFrom mTo mWidthAu g/tLitho
PAR-18-7714.217.853.650.45Porph, kspar alt
PAR-18-77100.5103.530.61Porph, kspar alt
PAR-18-77126129.13.10.61magnetic black diabase lenses within porph
PAR-18-77147.5156.57.51.104Breccia zone within schist
PAR-18-77172.8173.50.72.99silicified, magnetic diorite zone in schist
PAR-18-77181.7184.731.17silicified, magnetic diorite zone in schist
PAR-18-77270.8271.812.01 Tuff + Tourmaline Veining
PAR-18-781111.60.67.2Porph contact k-spar altered
PAR-18-7823.625.11.51.9Greywacke / felsite
PAR-18-78123.9128.44.50.87Porphyritic diorite
PAR-18-78144.9164.219.33.64Chlorite Schist and Diorite
including151.7164.2144.76Chlorite Schist and Diorite
or including154.7164.286.34Chlorite Schist and Diorite / magnetic diorite
or including160164.24.211.7Magnetic Diorite
PAR-18-7823723810.78Sil Magnetic Diorite within schist
PAR-18-7913., Felsite and porph dio
including14.621.46.81.54Diorite and Felsite
or including16.919.932.14Felsite
PAR-18-8033.640.16.50.99Silicified Diorite
including35.5371.51.52Silicified Diorite
PAR-18-8047.9491.11.5Felsite/Chert Welded zone
PAR-18-8091.593.11.63.1Quartz vein
PAR-18-80123.1124.61.50.5Chlorite schist with diorite lenses
PAR-18-817074.64.61.47Silicified Diorite
including71.2720.83.78Silicified Diorite
PAR-18-81172.2173.210.59Silicified Diorite
PAR-18-81215.5216.510.56Iron formation in mafic volcanics

Lengths and widths referred to in this press released are as measured in core, not true widths. Samples were selected, cut, bagged and tagged in the field under supervision, delivered to Bourlamaque Assay Laboratory securely and fire assayed for gold.

The technical information in this press release has been reviewed and approved by Francis Newton P.Geo, OGQ #2129, a “qualified person”.

Martin Demers P.Geo, OGQ #770 is a “qualified person” and has provided, reviewed and approved the technical disclosure in the section “Magnetic Diorite Significance” of this press release.

Brian H. Newton P.Geo is a “qualified person” and has reviewed and approved technical disclosure in this press release generally and specifically relating to the reference to PAR-86-06.

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