5 Top Gold News Stories of 2017

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Our top gold news stories of 2017 show that investors continue to value insight from experts on prices and market trends.

The gold price was up about 12.5 percent year-to-date as of Monday (December 4), changing hands at around $1,275 per ounce. 

Overall, the yellow metal has put in a solid performance in 2017, with many market watchers saying it has done what they expected or even exceeded their expectations.

It remains to be seen what 2018 will bring for the market — for now, let’s take a look at what happened this past year. Scroll down to see our list of the most popular Investing News Network gold news stories of 2017. We found they reflect continued interest from investors in expert commentary and advice.

1. Peter Schiff: Do This to Survive the Stock Market Bubble

The US Federal Reserve has inflated three stock market bubbles this century, and according to Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital, the current one is the biggest yet. So what’s an investor to do? In this October video, Schiff says one option is to look at gold.

He also offers insight on how US President Donald Trump’s policies could affect the market. Watch the full interview with Schiff below.

2. Keith Barron of Fruta del Norte Fame is Back in Ecuador — This is What He’s Up To

Toward the beginning of the year, we caught up with Keith Barron, the geologist who discovered the Fruta del Norte gold deposit in Ecuador. At Aurania Resources (TSXV:ARU), his new company, Barron’s goal is to find the lost gold settlements of Logroño de los Caballeros and Sevilla del Oro in Ecuador.

How much gold will he find? That remains unknown, but Barron has high hopes, and it appears shareholders also have faith — Aurania’s share price has skyrocketed this year, and was up nearly 200 percent year-to-date as of early December. 

3. Robert Friedland: Copper Will Continue to Outperform Gold

At the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium this past summer, mining magnate Robert Friedland said he sees the copper price continuing to outperform the gold priceas the world’s populations grows and goes “green.” How is green technology driving up copper prices? Friedland explains.

4. Frank Giustra: “We’re in the Beginnings of a Very Important Gold Market”

With words many were hoping to hear, Frank Giustra said in a talk at the start of the year that we are now in a gold bull market. Giustra pointed to large debts and to how interconnected countries are now, and said he believes that conditions resemble those seen in 2011, the last time gold soared. Forecasting a repeat in history, he went on to explain what investors should do moving forward.

5. Rick Rule: “I Sleep Better at Night Owning Physical Precious Metals”

While some are scrambling to get on the bitcoin train, Rick Rule of Sprott US Holdings tells investors in this video why he no longer owns bitcoin and what he’s invested in instead. Plus, how many stocks should an investor own? Rule offers his expertise on this important question and outlines what changes in the resource space he sees coming.

What were your favorite gold news stories in 2017? Let us know in the comments!

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