Azarga Uranium Identifies Significant Second Area of New Uranium Mineralization at Dewey Burdock

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AZARGA URANIUM CORP. (TSX:AZZ) (“Azarga Uranium” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company continues to identify new uranium mineralization at its initial development priority, the Dewey Burdock in-situ recovery (“ISR”) uranium project in South Dakota (the “Dewey Burdock Project”).

AZARGA URANIUM CORP. (TSX:AZZ) (“Azarga Uranium” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company continues to identify new uranium mineralization at its initial development priority, the Dewey Burdock in-situ recovery (“ISR”) uranium project in South Dakota (the “Dewey Burdock Project”).  On 8 February 2018, the Company announced newly identified uranium mineralization at the Dewey area of the Dewey Burdock Project, with the expectation of identifying additional uranium mineralization at the Burdock area of the project.  Through the continued analysis of historical data owned by the Company (the “Data Set”) and the evaluation of revised ISR cutoff criteria, consistent with other producing ISR projects in nearby Wyoming, the Company has identified significant, new uranium mineralization at the Burdock area of the Dewey Burdock Project.

Highlights of the new uranium mineralization at the Dewey Burdock Project includes:

  • 706 mineralized drill holes with 787 intercepts equal to or exceeding a 0.2 grade-thickness (GT) cutoff using a 0.02% grade cutoff with an average eU3O8 grade of 0.139% and an average thickness of 5.1 feet

○ 28% of the mineralized drill holes exceed a 0.5 GT cutoff

  • Falls within the existing Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”) License boundary for the Dewey Burdock Project
  • Contiguous with ISR resources already identified at the Dewey Burdock Project
  • Further indicates the potential to significantly expand the Dewey Burdock Project resource estimate within the NRC License boundary
  • Larger and more continuous resource areas within the Dewey Burdock Project could achieve certain cost reductions compared to the existing preliminary economic assessment

“We are very excited to have completed our initial analysis of the Data Set for the Dewey Burdock Project.  The results to date have exceeded our expectations.  With initial review of both the Dewey and Burdock areas complete, the newly identified uranium mineralization indicates widespread potential to significantly increase the currently identified uranium resources at the Dewey Burdock Project.  The number of newly identified uranium intercepts from this initial review nearly equals the number of intercepts used to calculate the existing resource estimate for the Dewey Burdock Project.  We look forward to completing a resource update for the Dewey Burdock Project as well as a revised preliminary economic assessment”, said John Mays, Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to the 706 mineralized drill holes with 787 intercepts contiguous to existing ISR resources, the Company identified 235 mineralized drill holes with 249 intercepts at relatively shallow depth, potentially suitable for non-ISR recovery methods, with an average eU3O8 grade of 0.082% and an average thickness of 6.8 feet.

The following tables provide a detailed summary of the results for the 941 mineralized drill holes with 1036 intercepts that equal or exceed a 0.2 GT cutoff using a 0.02% grade cutoff:

Data contiguous to existing ISR resources:


Hole IDZoneDepthThicknessGTAvg.Hole IDZoneDepthThicknessGTAvg.
  (ft)(ft) Grade (%)  (ft)(ft) Grade (%)
B 7L4444.010.02.530.253IHR 105L2B318.06.50.930.143
COS 1L2A346. 14L3340.
DB 07-10-42L4538. 67L2266.510.70.910.085
DB 07-10-6L2A554.58.00.440.055IHR 69L1299.58.01.340.168
DB 07-10-7L1573. 69L2281.03.51.930.551
DB 07-11-14CL2B415.06.00.340.057IHR 70L1293.06.01.400.233
DB 07-11-28L1376.04.50.520.116IHR 70L2282.07.52.780.370
DB 07-11-4CL2B432. 18L1414.53.40.370.110
DB 07-12-3L2B235. 27L2A378.23.10.590.192
DK 211L1418.03.50.490.139IHS 28L2A377.26.30.460.074
DRA 12L3296. 29L1398.86.90.400.058
DRA 13L1293.54.50.620.138IHS 36L2A403.
DRA 18L1285.012.00.670.056IHS 40L2A346.52.50.430.170
DRA 24L1310. 41L2A344.05.00.370.074
DRA 26L1320. 44L1301.
DRJ 143L2B353. 45L1321.
DRJ 168L4360. 48L3250.
DRJ 168L2B392. 52L1319.011.00.440.040
DRJ 169L3367. 64L2A283.02.00.440.220
DRJ 173L4306.03.00.330.110IHS 71L1277.
DRJ 183L1314. 77L1293.
DRJ 184L1316.520.01.580.079IHS 80-AL1279.57.02.570.367
DRJ 185L1299.010.00.940.094IHS 82L1302.54.00.400.100
DRJ 192L1295.08.51.720.202IHS 83L1302.55.50.350.063
DRJ 198L1300. 85L1359.
DRJ 56L3304. 86L1314.05.00.320.064
DRJ 90L1370. 87L1314.
DRJ 93L6222. 89L1299.07.50.570.075
DRJ 96L2B314. 90L1329.51.50.410.270
DRM 10L1370.52.50.400.160IHS 92L1342.05.50.390.070
DRM 22L1369. 95L1351.08.50.340.040
DRM 23L1398.02.00.300.150IHT 106L2B306.014.00.980.070
DRM 26L2A397. 108L3300.06.50.360.055
DRM 26L1421.01.50.470.310IHT 109L3312.02.00.360.180
DRM 39L1374.54.50.320.070IHT 111L1293.018.00.900.050
DRM 4L1392. 114L2B272.07.00.480.069
DRM 52L1303.09.00.720.080IHT 116L2A312.
DRM 6L3250. 116L1318.06.00.360.060
DRM 60L1383.57.50.350.047IHT 122L2B370.
DRR 124L2A326. 128L2B261.
DRR 76L2B355. 128L1298.511.51.040.090
DRR 81L2A350.01.50.440.290IHT 13L2B324.
DRR 84L2A334. 130L1356.56.50.480.074
DRS 20L1301.54.50.420.092IHT 132L1342.012.00.710.059
DRS 21L1291.58.00.550.069IHT 135L1284.07.50.710.095
DRS 23L1300. 138L2A291.
DRS 24L1300.55.00.400.080IHT 14L2B339.
DRS 26L1314. 142L1299.53.00.510.170
DRS 32L1305. 143L1290.014.00.420.030
DRS 45L2B336. 144L1301.04.50.430.096
DRS 6L1304.53.00.530.175IHT 145L2A289.516.00.640.040
DRT 41L3305.05.50.380.068IHT 160L1406.08.00.570.071
DRT 57L1327. 169L1396.09.50.470.049
DRT 68L1302. 170L1443.
DRT 69L1288.05.50.530.096IHT 174L2A381.010.50.420.040
DRT 70L2A293.05.00.300.060IHT 174L1401.58.50.460.054
DRT 73L1282.013.00.480.037IHT 175L1444.
DRT 74L1275.010.50.300.029IHT 176L1413.04.50.320.070
DRT 86L1273. 177L2B377.51.50.470.310
DRW 10L4270. 178L2A377.08.50.340.040
DRW 12L4281. 181L2A383.54.00.730.181
DRW 8L4281. 189L1400.52.00.380.190
FBA 16L2A382.06.50.460.070IHT 19L2A337.
FBA 4L2B443.53.50.320.090IHT 195L2A338.
FBJ 104L2B399. 196L1416.51.50.330.220
FBJ 104L2A432.01.50.350.234IHT 196L2B371.08.00.720.089
FBJ 106L2B364.04.00.320.081IHT 198L1407.011.00.540.049
FBJ 109L2B455. 199L2B353.54.00.600.149
FBJ 114L2A463.01.50.410.275IHT 200L2A352.06.00.650.108
FBJ 117L2B448.51.00.350.354IHT 24L2A339.
FBJ 12L2B374.54.00.360.090IHT 26L2B276.
FBJ 14L2B355. 34L1421.07.00.500.072
FBJ 149L1467. 41L2A342.04.00.420.104
FBJ 15L1375.56.00.680.113IHT 43L1315.04.50.540.120
FBJ 17L1365.05.00.350.070IHT 45L2A281.
FBJ 18L2B352.54.50.590.130IHT 48L1305.07.00.420.060
FBJ 23L7311.52.50.310.122IHT 48L2A293.02.00.440.220
FBJ 29L2A437.01.50.450.300IHT 5L1387.74.70.520.110
FBJ 3L2B359.010.00.630.063IHT 50L1305.
FBJ 30L3398.53.00.510.170IHT 51L2A311.
FBJ 35L2B420.53.00.420.140IHT 56L1322.016.00.440.028
FBJ 36L2B418. 57L1297.
FBJ 36L7306.02.50.450.180IHT 58L1326.019.00.440.023
FBJ 38L2B429.04.00.360.090IHT 66L2A292.05.00.350.070
FBJ 38L3408.54.50.780.172IHT 68L1307.
FBJ 41L3434.512.50.250.020IHT 69L4255.06.00.300.050
FBJ 52L1393.53.50.540.154IHT 78L1415.
FBJ 53L1415.09.00.370.041IHT 78L2B374.
FBJ 54L1375.58.00.400.050IHT 79L1399.57.50.820.109
FBJ 55L2A385.54.00.800.200IHT 8L2A371.73.30.430.130
FBJ 58L1416. 92L2A278.02.00.330.165
FBJ 60L1393.57.00.430.061IHT 95L1322.04.00.410.101
FBJ 61L2B373.06.50.420.064IHT 99L1329.
FBJ 62L2A384.57.00.350.050IHW 10L2A383.
FBJ 63L1393. 14L1399.
FBJ 70L2B404.51.50.370.244IHW 2L2A343.03.60.380.107
FBJ 77L1382. 5L2A402.
FBJ 78L2A393.03.50.320.090IHW 6L2B368.73.70.360.096
FBJ 79L2A385. 1L4582.02.50.550.220
FBJ 8L2B373.56.00.360.060MSJ 3L4557.010.00.880.088
FBJ 83L2A392.56.50.570.088MST 16L2A619.54.00.680.170
FBJ 84L1412.51.50.430.287MST 24L2B594.
FBJ 9L2A408. 10L2A582.
FBJ 90L2B444.51.50.700.466PA 105L1638.54.00.780.195
FBJ 98L2B406.55.00.460.092PA 126L2B566.
FBK 13L2344. 128L2B643.
FBK 17L3337. 136L2B634.51.50.300.198
FBK 18L2384.06.50.330.051PA 137L1571.
FBK 19L3378.011.00.370.033PA 14L2B599.
FBK 20L1441.05.50.410.074PA 38L2B531.03.00.600.200
FBK 22L2403.012.00.360.030PA 40L2A550.59.01.350.150
FBK 29L1398.05.50.550.100PA 44L4492.51.50.390.260
FBK 31L1413.04.00.490.121PA 54L3522.01.00.570.570
FBK 37L2453. 56L3531.01.00.460.460
FBK 6L3443. 57L3535.
FBK 9L1393.03.00.320.107PA 63L4495.
FBM 103L1421. 66L5465.02.00.480.240
FBM 104L1405.74.80.840.176PA 70L5434.515.51.250.081
FBM 106L1425. 74L4485.
FBM 11L1375.52.20.320.146PA 77L4508.55.50.550.100
FBM 110L1420. 77L3529.03.50.630.180
FBM 114L2A417. 86L6432.58.00.320.040
FBM 115L2B395. 9L2B551.
FBM 115L1430.11.10.510.468PA 90L4489.
FBM 116L1421.55.80.570.098PA 90L5465.
FBM 117L1405. 93L3486.57.00.340.049
FBM 126L1381. 93L4470.59.00.750.083
FBM 128L2376.01.50.330.220PA 95L5440.
FBM 13L1374.314.61.160.079PJ 10L3521.
FBM 138L2B335.01.00.310.310PJ 10L1581.02.00.320.160
FBM 141L2A363. 16L1623.
FBM 142L2A346. 21L1659.01.00.320.320
FBM 142L2B320.58.20.510.063PJ 31L2B593.
FBM 143L1361. 45L2A576.52.00.340.170
FBM 145L2A342. 47L2B541.
FBM 148L2A343.53.00.350.115PM 101L4463.
FBM 154L2A450.22.80.510.184PM 104L1382.13.00.440.146
FBM 16L1400.03.30.510.156PM 113L4469.
FBM 167L2B407.02.50.330.130PM 113L3473.25.80.520.090
FBM 173L2A434.54.70.550.118PM 114L6403.
FBM 176L1429. 115L5432.312.20.430.035
FBM 18L1361.55.70.370.064PM 116L6399.611.60.340.029
FBM 182L7306.23.80.410.107PM 117L2B539.
FBM 182L2B421.32.00.680.340PM 118L2B532.03.00.450.149
FBM 183L2B407.710.30.400.039PM 121L1592.
FBM 185L2A433. 130L4531.
FBM 188L2B367. 132L3512.55.50.410.074
FBM 19L1363.09.80.810.083PM 149L5438.56.50.330.050
FBM 193L3412.81.20.390.329PM 15L3545.518.50.440.024
FBM 196L2A428.08.00.560.070PM 150L5435.06.50.330.050
FBM 199L2B420.03.50.320.090PM 151L5441.015.53.880.250
FBM 200L2B428. 164L7457.
FBM 23L1381.214.30.530.037PM 17L4519.
FBM 24L2A369. 174L2B625.02.00.320.160
FBM 29L2A339. 207L5454.06.03.540.590
FBM 41L1339. 208L5443.
FBM 42L2A344.51.10.320.293PM 211L4515.
FBM 46L2B348. 213L3505.
FBM 47L1389. 224L4534.
FBM 5L2A334. 226L2A569.03.00.300.100
FBM 50L2435. 226L3526.03.01.710.570
FBM 55L1456.06.80.450.066PM 229L1550.07.00.530.076
FBM 59L1444.76.80.390.058PM 29L2B549.
FBM 60L2A428.82.50.370.146PM 29L4526.
FBM 65L7305. 38L2B542.31.70.430.250
FBM 73L2A428.213.70.650.048PM 48L5447.08.70.340.039
FBM 76L7297.310.00.230.023PM 49L4460.
FBM 76L3400.32.50.750.299PM 49L2B482.011.50.410.036
FBM 81L2B415.83.00.330.109PM 49L3469.62.50.670.266
FBM 81L2A427.64.10.420.102PM 5L2B540.34.70.730.155
FBM 85L2B413. 52L3517.
FBM 85L3398.55.00.390.079PM 58L5436.
FBM 88L1449.04.20.300.072PM 61L6425.
FBM 88L2B412. 61L5456.76.80.760.111
FBM 9L1367.44.60.300.066PM 63L6423.68.40.400.048
FBM 91L1447.52.80.470.169PM 68L4464.57.20.410.057
FBM 92L2B432.07.51.910.254PM 69L4477.82.50.610.242
FBM 93L2B427. 69L5462.82.20.740.336
FBM 94L2B434.64.50.860.190PM 70L4480.02.20.760.346
FBM 97L6349.08.20.470.057PM 75L4484.01.00.380.380
FBM 98L4417.21.00.310.310PM 76L3498.
FBM 99L2B432. 78L2B529.03.00.420.140
FBR 1L1436. 79L2B537.04.00.920.230
FBR 1L2A425.010.50.530.050PM 8L3536.05.80.330.057
FBR 10L2B330.02.00.320.160PM 84L2B543.
FBR 14L2A381.09.00.400.044PM 85L3535.
FBR 16L2A396.015.00.450.030PM 89L2B543.
FBR 17L1411. 94L3535.
FBR 18L2A397.08.50.760.089PM 96L4529.04.00.300.076
FBR 20L2A399.09.00.540.060PM 99L3474.
FBR 26L1394. 4L1381.015.00.750.050
FBR 28L1372.012.50.300.024PR 5L1383.
FBR 30L2A330. 1L3520.08.50.590.069
FBR 34L2B355. 12L4485.04.50.420.093
FBR 34L1398.02.50.330.130PS 14L6425.06.50.340.053
FBR 4L2A399. 16L5433.
FBR 4L1432.01.50.380.250PS 17L5439.02.60.400.155
FBR 48L2B427.01.50.410.270PS 18L4454.01.70.370.220
FBR 50L6348. 2L2B541.02.00.360.179
FBR 55L3401. 3L3524.
FBR 59L2B418.01.00.350.350PS 31L4476.81.20.350.292
FBR 6L1375.05.00.310.062PS 31L5458.35.70.680.120
FBR 7L1365. 37L4467.
FBR 8L1407.04.00.640.160PS 39L4473.51.31.651.270
FBS 10L1419. 40L4500.51.00.320.320
FBS 100L7341. 41L4468.81.20.360.300
FBS 100L6365.06.20.390.063PS 41L5449.74.00.440.110
FBS 102L3438. 42L4469.
FBS 102L6359.27.80.340.043PS 42L5450.06.51.830.282
FBS 103L6345. 45L5450.04.82.390.497
FBS 104L7347.91.30.980.750PS 46L5442.03.90.520.133
FBS 107L7348. 47L5446.211.20.460.041
FBS 108L3434.56.00.520.087PS 48L5441.04.10.770.189
FBS 11L2A385.05.50.330.060PS 51L4519.03.70.410.110
FBS 11L1401.816.80.830.049PS 56L2B534.03.00.380.127
FBS 110L1406. 59L3529.06.00.600.100
FBS 111L1402.81.20.370.308PS 63L4509.
FBS 111L2A384.53.20.480.150PS 68L4478.08.00.530.066
FBS 117L3440. 103L1628.
FBS 121L7331.47.50.600.080PT 106L2B571.09.00.810.090
FBS 128L2B451. 108L4531.53.50.350.100
FBS 129L7340.21.50.990.660PT 109L4533.03.01.710.570
FBS 134L2B434. 11L5446.05.50.430.079
FBS 136L2B434.03.00.540.180PT 11L4459.
FBS 136L7314.32.50.660.263PT 112L2B609.
FBS 138L7322. 12L5438.96.82.830.416
FBS 139L7326. 121L5431.
FBS 142L6358. 121L4450.05.00.460.091
FBS 143L6359. 122L6451.518.50.370.020
FBS 145L7349. 13L5456.
FBS 147L7352.51.00.510.510PT 13L4482.86.50.470.073
FBS 15L2A391.53.50.370.106PT 130L2B545.02.50.340.136
FBS 150L4433. 133L4506.51.00.480.480
FBS 153L4440.03.50.510.145PT 137L3530.05.50.340.062
FBS 159L4398. 139L2B542.55.50.520.094
FBS 171L2A397. 146L4470.54.00.480.119
FBS 172L2A396.04.00.670.166PT 147L4474.52.02.621.310
FBS 18L2A393. 148L5461.59.54.520.475
FBS 18L2B384. 16L4455.16.80.510.075
FBS 182L1407.14.60.610.132PT 162L5478.
FBS 185L2A391.56.00.440.073PT 165L4498.51.50.410.270
FBS 185L1405.55.30.710.133PT 166L6421.06.00.420.070
FBS 186L1410.51.00.390.388PT 166L5460.04.01.440.360
FBS 187L1421.01.50.540.357PT 167L4462.02.00.420.210
FBS 189L2A378.42.40.370.155PT 167L5441.51.50.780.520
FBS 191L2A382.33.50.300.085PT 176L2B531.
FBS 191L1393.34.50.330.074PT 180L2B531.05.00.500.100
FBS 195L2A386.85.20.440.085PT 181L2B533.
FBS 2L1418.23.00.730.244PT 182L4477.
FBS 20L2A398.32.70.300.112PT 183L4494.
FBS 201L2B382. 183L2B523.04.00.600.150
FBS 202L1413. 189L3531.
FBS 203L2A337. 190L3533.55.51.360.248
FBS 23L2A395.57.70.370.047PT 20L4476.
FBS 3L1419. 22L2B491.
FBS 32L1406.53.00.440.145PT 22L4465.
FBS 33L2A398.55.20.510.098PT 22L3473.55.00.350.070
FBS 37L2A376. 28L5472.53.50.610.173
FBS 48L2B394.52.30.300.129PT 28L4481.011.50.630.055
FBS 51L1443.21.80.450.252PT 29L6424.
FBS 52L1448. 29L5456.23.70.630.170
FBS 54L2B387.81.50.330.220PT 36L5440.06.50.390.060
FBS 6L2A383.81.20.420.350PT 36L4465.03.01.740.580
FBS 62L1475.58.50.340.040PT 44L2B529.05.00.470.094
FBS 73L1417. 45L3517.05.00.450.090
FBS 78L1449.75.30.430.081PT 47L5508.
FBS 79L1443.511.50.380.033PT 47L4531.01.00.350.350
FBS 83L2A427. 62L2A592.
FBS 83L2B407. 66L2B540.01.00.390.390
FBS 88L2A417.04.50.380.085PT 67L2A558.57.50.360.048
FBS 92L1413. 71L2A606.52.50.370.148
FBS 97L2B434.05.20.300.057PT 72L2B564.56.00.900.150
FBS 98L7329.07.00.350.050PT 77L1662.
FBS 98L2B430.76.80.540.079PT 8L4453.
FBS 99L3414.31.20.480.403PT 8L3484.
FBT 105L2A398.55.00.300.060PT 81L1631.06.50.510.078
FBT 113L2B411.04.00.570.143PT 82L2B590.
FBT 116L2B371.07.50.300.040PT 82L2A613.07.00.300.043
FBT 117L1438. 86L2B555.56.50.590.090
FBT 142L3379. 94L4568.01.00.400.400
FBT 145L1440. 97L2B552.01.00.340.340
FBT 153L1443.54.50.380.083PW 14L3510.51.40.390.282
FBT 159L2B370. 16L3509.55.41.350.251
FBT 161L2B370. 17L2B543.
FBT 166L2A386. 1L5415.51.50.350.230
FBT 174L3440.55.01.650.330RONA 101L3489.
FBT 175L1402.51.00.360.360RONA 103L3502.01.00.460.460
FBT 18L2B410. 104L3498.
FBT 183L7300.05.50.640.116RONA 107L3495.03.50.360.101
FBT 189L7345.51.50.440.290RONA 108L3483.
FBT 189L3442.010.00.900.090RONA 11L7352.01.50.320.210
FBT 19L2A438.92.90.460.157RONA 117L4487.52.50.330.130
FBT 198L2A459.03.00.480.160RONA 119L3487.02.50.370.146
FBT 2L1465. 120L3494.
FBT 202L1376.010.00.320.032RONA 121L3445.
FBT 207L2B434. 123L7357.51.50.500.330
FBT 208L2A466.05.50.440.080RONA 124L3464.
FBT 210L1470.02.00.300.152RONA 127L1545.07.00.350.050
FBT 22L1451. 130L1564.013.00.390.030
FBT 3L1458.53.50.520.147RONA 132L1573.
FBT 33L6362.83.80.360.096RONA 136L1551.
FBT 37L3407. 137L1575.010.00.510.051
FBT 39L2A338.07.50.530.070RONA 14L7380.
FBT 53L2B426.06.50.570.088RONA 140L1567.515.00.850.056
FBT 55L2B440. 145L1573.05.00.550.110
FBT 57L2A436.01.00.450.450RONA 147L1573.513.01.430.110
FBT 57L1439.07.00.700.100RONA 15L7379.02.00.540.270
FBT 65L1416.04.00.320.080RONA 2L7367.
FBT 67L1420.09.00.460.051RONA 23L7382.53.50.530.151
FBT 69L6356.52.50.300.120RONA 26L2B496.
FBT 78L2A374. 29L2B496.52.02.601.300
FBT 80L2A375.06.50.440.067RONA 33L3480.
FBT 87L1421.01.00.320.320RONA 4L7355.05.00.400.080
FBT 9L2A431.03.00.300.100RONA 45L7347.
FBT 90L2A413.55.50.540.097RONA 45L4420.02.50.300.120
FBT 95L1478.04.00.400.100RONA 51L3483.51.00.640.640
FBT 97L2A393. 6L7350.52.50.450.178
FBW 2L2A334. 67L3498.
IHA 14L2A303.04.50.360.080RONA 68L3498.
IHA 14L2B271.04.50.450.099RONA 73L3498.01.50.570.380
IHA 16L1318.07.00.360.051RONA 74L4484.52.00.300.150
IHA 18L2A382.51.50.360.240RONA 80L4468.
IHA 21L2B313.015.00.500.033RONA 84L3492.
IHA 23L3304. 86L4473.
IHA 24L2B309. 87L5462.51.50.330.220
IHA 30L2A313.012.50.510.040RONA 92L5450.01.00.330.330
IHA 31L2B323. 95L3499.51.50.630.420
IHA 35L2A366.56.00.480.080RONM 16L2B456.06.51.720.264
IHA 36L2A314. 17L2B469.515.00.840.056
IHA 37L2B363. 18L3483.
IHA 37L1410. 3L2B496.01.00.510.514
IHA 42L2A372. 10L4457.04.00.400.100
IHA 43L2A266. 10L3484.03.51.650.470
IHA 44L2B264. 19L3477.53.00.360.120
IHA 44L2A301.56.00.420.070RONR 22L7350.
IHA 49L1305. 25L3490.01.50.330.220
IHA 50L3254. 28L3485.
IHA 52L2A293. 29L7348.
IHA 53L1301.018.00.360.020RONR 8L3500.
IHA 55L2A277.57.50.530.070RONS 13L2B453.04.50.720.161
IHA 56L1276.524.50.490.020RONS 18L2B483.
IHA 57L1302.03.00.420.140RONS 19L2B455.04.10.820.199
IHA 58L1302.08.50.340.039RONS 2L2B454.
IHA 59L2A283. 26L2B479.02.00.620.312
IHA 59L1292.516.50.330.020RONS 34L7340.04.50.320.072
IHA 6L1295.04.50.420.093RONS 39L2B486.
IHJ 106L1383. 4L2B466.
IHJ 17L1305. 4L7351.81.20.360.300
IHJ 18L1324.04.50.410.090RONS 4L3452.22.30.530.230
IHJ 22L1308. 43L7353.01.00.730.730
IHJ 22L2A295.51.50.420.280RONS 48L3449.
IHJ 23L2A270.015.00.660.044RONS 51L3467.05.00.320.064
IHJ 28L2A392. 51L2B478.54.51.600.356
IHJ 29L1404.58.50.360.042RONS 6L3453.35.82.410.415
IHJ 33L1416.52.50.350.140RONS 8L3456.82.00.450.227
IHJ 38L2B341. 9L3445.09.50.400.042
IHJ 42L1403.511.00.330.030RONT 11L7372.
IHJ 45L2A383.52.00.410.205RONT 2L7386.01.20.340.280
IHJ 47L2A374.54.00.460.115RONT 20L7356.33.50.400.113
IHJ 47L1401. 30L7371.
IHJ 49L2B371. 37L7356.24.00.400.099
IHJ 51L1441. 39L7351.79.30.310.033
IHJ 51L2A387.05.00.500.100RONT 46L3465.03.50.480.136
IHJ 56L3338. 5L2B508.11.50.300.200
IHJ 68L1337.05.50.570.103RONT 57L2B486.
IHJ 69L1313. 58L6358.514.00.280.020
IHJ 70L1317.56.50.510.079RONT 58L4429.58.50.460.054
IHJ 77L2A263.56.00.470.079RONT 58L3445.013.50.960.071
IHJ 78L2A291. 59L4486.55.00.320.063
IHJ 80L2B272. 59L3504.01.00.340.340
IHJ 82L1326.55.50.810.148RONT 64L3462.
IHJ 86L2A255.58.00.820.102RONT 69L2B478.59.00.820.091
IHJ 87L2B243.53.50.310.089RONT 8L7344.53.33.431.038
IHJ 94L1320.03.00.400.134SRA 1L4227.
IHK 10L2412. 136L5182.82.20.880.400
IHK 10L1432. 145L5190.
IHK 11L2399.015.00.300.020SRM 145L4224.04.10.370.091
IHK 2L3267. 1L7185.07.00.490.070
IHK 8L3375. 100L5186.03.50.350.100
IHM 105L2A342.72.30.420.182TRJ 103L2B256.
IHM 108L1299.53.51.580.450TRJ 122L2A367.
IHM 109L1291.58.01.710.213TRJ 14L5251.56.50.410.062
IHM 111L2B323. 2L4200.
IHM 123L2A364.54.50.680.150TRJ 21L3234.
IHM 129L1392.56.50.370.057TRJ 23L4238.
IHM 135L1417. 67L2A364.
IHM 144L1294.08.52.440.287TRM 45L1406.08.51.660.195
IHM 83L1346.55.00.430.086TRS 1L6178.
IHM 83L2A323.59.00.540.060TRT 20L4243.
IHM 85L2B339.55.30.460.086TRT 31L4239.57.50.390.052
IHM 86L2A343. 38L4210.
IHM 87L1356.84.00.310.078TRT 53L3242.01.00.560.560
IHM 91L1363.81.20.400.330TRT 92L5185.02.50.400.160
IHR 104L2B357.05.50.420.075


Data potentially suitable for non-ISR recovery methods:


Hole IDZoneDepthThicknessGTAvg.Hole IDZoneDepthThicknessGTAvg.
  (ft)(ft) Grade (%)  (ft)(ft) Grade (%)
DK 10F12116.02.50.390.154IHJ 101F1362.08.50.350.042
DK 12F12110.06.00.300.050IHJ 2F11101.
DK 13F12122. 3F1289.
DK 19F12124.05.00.400.079IHJ 37F12119.
DK 193F1262. 5F12116.06.00.540.090
DK 196F1265.53.00.390.130IHJ 72F1230.
DK 21F11137. 74F129.54.50.570.126
DK 31F12118.018.00.400.022IHJ 87F129.53.50.500.143
DK 32F11130.518.00.680.038IHK 26F1291.
DK 504F1199.07.50.450.060IHK 27F1290.59.00.630.070
DK 56F12102.019.00.920.048IHK 28F1291.55.00.800.160
DK 58F12104.510.00.620.062IHK 30F1296.05.00.540.107
DK 60F1296. 31F1289.
DK 62F12111.02.50.380.150IHM 1F1280.09.00.360.040
DK 64F12124.56.00.300.050IHM 113F11110.
DK 66F12109. 13F11110.
DK 70F12102.015.00.630.042IHM 13F10132.021.00.420.020
DM 1049F1292. 15F11106.
DM 1098F1294. 15F10130.010.00.300.030
DM 1219F1354.05.50.590.107IHM 30F1290.05.00.400.080
DM 269F11115. 33F11113.
DM 404F1370.05.00.650.130IHM 39F1290.
DM 868F1264.08.00.480.060IHM 40F1287.55.50.500.090
DM 902F1351.03.50.530.150IHM 41F1281.54.50.500.110
DM 947F11112. 43F1292.08.50.680.080
DN 1F12127. 46F1287.
DN 13F12145.54.00.360.090IHM 50F1236.
DN 17F12164.02.00.700.350IHM 51F1235.025.00.500.020
DN 18F12149.05.00.370.074IHM 53F1213.
DN 20F12157. 54F1221.013.00.520.040
DN 5F12128.02.00.320.160IHM 56F1285.
DN 6F12146.02.00.380.190IHM 56F11107.09.00.360.040
DN 7F12132.05.00.510.102IHM 59F1217.510.00.630.063
DN 9F12148.010.50.940.090IHM 64F1220.
DP 220F1268. 65F139.03.50.490.140
DP 281F1384.06.50.910.140IHM 68F1218.010.00.340.034
DP 50F1382. 69F1287.011.00.550.050
DP 63F1379.012.00.960.080IHM 70F12104.
DP 68F1372.014.00.420.030IHM 73F11113.05.00.490.097
DR 302F1355. 76F11134.012.50.380.030
DR 303F1358.06.00.960.160IHM 8F1297.55.00.300.060
DR 307F1341. 81F12100.
DR 310F1334. 9F12102.
DR 311F1359. 107F1286.510.01.410.141
DR 312F1273. 2F1289.
DR 312F1353.013.00.500.038IHR 29F1311.015.00.300.020
DR 315F1263.517.00.490.029IHR 3F1288.53.00.600.200
DR 316F1257. 39F12118.54.50.540.120
DR 509F1345. 40F12119.
DR 53F1280.08.00.300.038IHR 41F12117.
DR 58F1278.53.00.660.220IHR 42F12119.55.00.900.180
DR 631F1254.05.50.310.057IHR 52F1293.02.00.320.160
DR 633F1256. 55F1288.
DR 688F12121. 56F1288.013.51.350.100
DR 735F12106. 59F1289.54.50.500.110
DR 736F1346. 6F11108.
DR 745F1393.52.50.400.160IHR 65F1173.07.00.490.069
DR 753F1199.06.00.380.063IHR 66F1166.
DR 755F11117. 68F11112.
DR 757F11106.55.50.500.091IHR 73F1380.53.50.350.100
DR 759F11110. 80F1358.08.00.340.043
DR 761F1298. 82F11109.
DR 761F11106. 83F1287.010.00.400.040
DR 765F1298.08.50.470.055IHR 83F11105.020.00.400.020
DR 772F11110.02.00.420.210IHR 84F1281.04.50.320.070
DR 776F11102. 90F12116.
DR 834F1371.01.50.400.267IHR 98F11113.57.50.530.070
DR 851F1335. 3F12106.06.50.310.048
DR 856F1345.55.00.530.105IHS 4F12110.07.00.350.050
DR 858F1341.54.50.470.105IHS 6F12106.
DR 872F1343.56.50.550.085IHS 89F1225.510.00.200.020
DR 890F1371.53.50.720.206IHS 9F12112.06.50.520.080
DR 893F1372.54.00.620.155IHT 103F12101.
DR 894F1375.54.50.320.070IHT 103F11126.56.00.300.050
DR 895F1373. 104F1289.
DR 896F1299.56.50.520.080IHT 110F11131.
DR 897F1299.58.00.700.087IHT 110F12107.
DR 901F1378.05.00.950.190IHT 112F10129.010.50.320.030
DR 902F12104. 138F1316.
DR 908F1376. 153F1236.02.00.320.160
DR 909F1379. 37F10113.03.50.390.110
DR 910F1378.09.00.840.093SRM 42F10112.
DR 910F1295.59.50.970.102SRM 44F10103.08.00.610.076
DR 911F1380.015.00.850.057SRR 1F1125.06.00.300.050
DR 914F1373. 114F1176.011.00.310.028
DRJ 2F10160. 116F1187.04.50.490.109
DRJ 2F12126.03.00.450.150SRR 118F1176.04.50.300.067
DRJ 21F12126.512.01.240.103SRR 2F1133.
DRJ 4F12127. 42F1226.
DRM 12F11104. 45F1166.013.00.520.040
DRR 105F120.010.00.300.030SRR 46F1182.06.00.420.070
DRR 107F120. 51F1124.
DRR 108F120. 57F1185.012.00.300.025
DRR 117F12101. 7F1263.
DRR 119F1389. 70F1090.
DRR 42F1365.01.50.300.200SRR 72F1087.07.00.350.050
DRR 82F11102.56.50.340.052SRR 74F1090.012.00.680.057
DRR 84F1289. 80F1166.58.00.800.100
DRR 93F1310.59.00.420.047SRR 83F11104.
DRR 99F1242.54.00.360.090SRR 85F11100.011.00.910.083
DRR 99F1322.53.00.890.295SRR 86F1196.011.00.680.062
DRT 79F1286. 88F1127.55.50.530.097
DS 116F1376.05.00.330.066SRR 89F1140.012.51.830.147
DS 185F1383.07.51.430.190SRR 90F1143.520.00.560.028
DS 493F1380.04.00.440.110SRR 91F1143.
DS 526F1365. 92F1184.58.50.540.064
DS 529F1369.04.00.400.100SRR 93F1192.013.00.640.049
DS 531F1352. 94F1185.022.01.720.078
DS 534F1365. 5F1334.
DS 538F1272.03.00.450.150TRJ 22F1154.511.00.620.056
DS 683F11161.07.00.620.089TRJ 27F1178.06.00.410.068
DS 684F11161. 28F1093.56.50.300.045
DS 685F11162. 100F1184.
DS 686F11160. 104F1111.07.50.430.057
DS 690F12105. 114F1153.01.50.510.340
DS 716F1379. 118F1137.
DS 716F1294.04.00.300.075TRT 120F1214.04.00.360.090
DW 42F1232.04.50.360.081TRT 121F1157.06.50.500.077
DW 47F1252. 124F1152.
DW 5F1250. 124F1234.06.00.300.050
DW 58F1274. 38F1135.512.50.250.020
EM 58F13112. 46F1217.
IHA 31F10131.07.00.470.067TRT 65F1252.
IHJ 1F11106. 92F1059.
IHJ 1F1289.05.00.300.060


The technical information in this news release has been prepared in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set out in NI 43-101 and was reviewed by John Mays, P.E., Chief Operating Officer for the Company and a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.

The Data Set includes historical drilling information that has been reviewed by the Company’s geological team, as well as 91 exploratory drill holes completed by the Company in a previous exploration campaign.  The Company’s review of the records and information within the Data Set reasonably substantiate the validity of this information; however, the Company cannot directly verify the accuracy of the historical data, including the procedures used for sample collection and analysis. Therefore, the Company encourages investors not to place undue weight on these results.

The Company’s current resource estimate and preliminary economic assessment dated April 21, 2015, with an effective date of January 29, 2015, for the Dewey Burdock Project primarily uses a cutoff grade of 0.05% and GT of 0.5; whereas, the intercepts identified above utilize a cutoff grade of 0.02% eU3O8 and GT of 0.2, which is consistent with other producing ISR projects in nearby Wyoming.

About Azarga Uranium Corp.

Azarga Uranium is an integrated uranium exploration and development company that controls six uranium projects, deposits and prospects in the United States of America (South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado) and the Kyrgyz Republic. The Dewey Burdock Project, which is the Company’s initial development priority, has received its NRC License and draft Class III and Class V Underground Injection Control (“UIC”) permits from the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and the Company is in the process of completing other major regulatory permit approvals necessary for the construction of the Dewey Burdock Project, including the final Class III and Class V UIC permits from the EPA.

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Disclaimer for Forward-Looking Information

Certain statements in this news release are forward-looking statements, which reflect the expectations of management regarding its disclosure and amendments thereto. Forward-looking statements consist of statements that are not purely historical, including any statements regarding beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future. Such statements may include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the Company’s continued efforts to obtain all major regulatory permit approvals necessary for the construction of the Dewey Burdock Project, including the final Class III and Class V UIC permits from the EPA, the potential to significantly expand the Dewey Burdock Project resource estimate within the NRC License boundary, larger and more continuous resource areas within the Dewey Burdock Project could achieve certain cost reductions compared to the existing preliminary economic assessment, the newly identified uranium mineralization indicates widespread potential to significantly increase the currently identified uranium resources at the Dewey Burdock Project and we look forward to completing a resource update for the Dewey Burdock Project as well as a revised preliminary economic assessment. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results, performance or developments to differ materially from those contained in the statements. No assurance can be given that any of the events anticipated by the forward-looking statements will occur or, if they do occur, what benefits the Company will obtain from them. These forward-looking statements reflect management’s current views and are based on certain expectations, estimates and assumptions, which may prove to be incorrect. A number of risks and uncertainties could cause our actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements, including without limitation: (1) the risk that the Company does not obtain all major regulatory permit approvals necessary for construction of the Dewey Burdock Project, including the final Class III and Class V UIC permits from the EPA, (2) the risk that the Dewey Burdock Project resource estimate is not significantly expanded within the NRC License boundary, (3) the risk that larger and more continuous resource areas within the Dewey Burdock Project do not achieve cost reductions compared to the existing preliminary economic assessment, (4) the risk that the newly identified uranium mineralization will not significantly increase the currently identified uranium resources, or increase them at all, at the Dewey Burdock Project, (5) the risk that the Company does not complete a resource update for the Dewey Burdock Project as well as a revised preliminary economic assessment, (6) the risk that such statements may prove to be inaccurate and (7) other factors beyond the Company’s control. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this news release and, except as required by applicable securities laws, the Company assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements, or to update the reasons why actual results differed from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Additional information about these and other assumptions, risks and uncertainties are set out in the “Risks and Uncertainties” section in the Company’s most recent MD&A filed with Canadian security regulators.

The TSX has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of the content of this News Release.

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