Blackbird Partners With the Carbon Farmer, Announces Tree Planting Program

- September 17th, 2015

Blackbird Energy (TSXV:BBI) announced that is is partnering with the Carbon Farmer and implementing a tree planting program.

Blackbird Energy (TSXV:BBI) announced that is is partnering with the Carbon Farmer and implementing a tree planting program.
As quoted in the press release:

In 2015, Blackbird’s management team, spearheaded by Garth Braun, Chairman, CEO and President decided to develop a plan to minimize and help offset Blackbird’s environmental impact.
Blackbird’s management believes the best way to offset this impact is through planting trees in the northwest Alberta corridor that it operates in. The planting of trees is used to both restore habitat, as it replaces trees that are cleared as part of well pad development, and it also aims to offset the CO2e that is emitted through the flaring of our natural gas during initial production testing.
For 2015, Blackbird has partnered with The Carbon Farmer, an Alberta owned and operated company, to plant 2,500 native trees in northwestern Alberta, which will restore approximately 15,000 square meters (14,576 m2 or 3.6 acres) of boreal forest on conserved land that was cleared historically for farming. This initial TPP is equivalent to the area of almost 10 NHL ice rinks and should fully offset the trees removed as part of Blackbird’s 2015 drilling operations.
According to Tree Canada, 2,500 trees also have the potential to store 1,250 tonnes of CO2e. In comparison, we expect to typically flare approximately 610 e3m3 (~21 mmcf) of natural gas per well, which produces approximately 1,250 tonnes of CO2. The Carbon Farmer is in the process of certifying the 2015 TPP project to the Gold Standard and Blackbird will consider purchasing the resulting carbon credits as they become available.*

Garth Braun, chairman, president and CEO of Blackbird, commented:

The Tree Planting Program illustrates Blackbird’s continued mandate to operate within the highest of environmental standards, above and beyond those regulated. In addition, Blackbird desires to be a highly valued, respected and contributing corporate citizen in the communities that we operate in. We will be announcing further programs in the near future that will solidify our commitment to these principles.

Click here to read the full Blackbird Energy (TSXV:BBI) press release.

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