Anglo African Updates Tilapia Project in DRC

- July 3rd, 2018

Anglo African is an independent oil and gas company that owns a 56 percent stake in the producing Tilapia oil field.

Anglo African Oil & Gas (LSE:AAOG), has released the results of further work on the TLP-102 well on the Tilapia licence in the Republic of the Congo. Anglo African is an independent oil and gas company that owns a 56 percent stake in the producing Tilapia oil field.

As quoted from the press release:


Well TLP-102 was opened on June 17, 2018 with a view to bringing the well online. When the well was opened, it was believed that heavy water was found to be blocking the tubing.  As a result of this information, the company decided to conduct a swabbing exercise and engaged Slick Line to carry out the work on a turnkey contract.  Slick Line commenced work on June 19.

Eight runs were made down hole and crude oil (with no associated gas) was recovered to surface.  The oil samples appear to be identical to samples from TLP-101 and have been sent for testing.  The well requires two further runs in order to fully complete the work programme, which will be finished this week.

Due to the absence of gas in the well, a pump will need to be installed. The company intends to install this pump following completion of Slick Lines’ work programme.

Based on the data obtained during the work, the company’s reservoir engineers now expect a minimum flow rate of 120 bopd from TLP-102 once the pump has been installed.


The company has also received a notification from its specialist transport contractor, Ocean Transport, who are responsible for delivering the rig, SMP 102, from Port Gentil in Gabon to the Tilapia site, that the transport vessel, the Kota Bakat, on which the rig is to be loaded, is late in arriving and is now due to arrive in Port Gentil on 4 July.  The Company will provide further updates in due course.

“We are very pleased that the workover of TLP-102 continues to be successful, and in particular that, when brought into production, it will make a material contribution to the financial position of the company.  In respect of TLP-103, the late arrival of the Kota Bakat is frustrating, but the shipping is still imminent, and I look forward to providing a full update on the mobilization process and schedule once the transport arrives in Port Gentil,” said David Sefton, executive chairman of AAOG.

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