Innord Sources Ginger International as Sales Agent

- March 14th, 2019

GeoMega reports that its wholly-owned subsidiary Innord has appointed Ginger International as its official sales representative for Europe and Asia.

GeoMega Resources (TSXV:GMA,OTCPink:GOMRF) reports that its wholly-owned subsidiary Innord has appointed Ginger International Trade & Investment as consultants that will serve as Innord’s official sales representative for Europe and Asia.

As quoted from the press release:

GITI will be responsible for sales of Innord’s rare earth products to designated customers in Europe and Asia and assisting to source feed material in Asia.

GITI is managed by Thomas Kruemmer, based in Asia, who has over 30 years experience as an executive director, working in top management positions for world leading commodity companies in chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, fertilizers, synthetic rubber and steel. Mr. Kruemmer acted as Chair of the Metal & Mining Working Group of the EU Chamber of Commerce in China (2012-2016) where he was involved in trade issues including rare earths. Mr. Kruemmer is an alumni of the EU Executive Training program in Japan and currently serves on the board of two privately owned companies in Singapore and Shanghai. As the head of GITI, a family-owned private limited trading and consulting company focused on rare earths, Mr. Kruemmer has developed excellent relationships with the principal companies active in the rare earths sector including manufacturers, traders and end users.

“With Geomega and Innord getting established as a leader in rare earth recycling and production outside of China, we are growing our team and are proud that we were able to retain a person with the knowledge and experience in the rare earths sector such as Mr. Kruemmer. With his presence in Asia, we hope to be able to secure more magnet waste feeds to be processed by our ISR technology here in Canada; however, it’s his knowledge of the European and Asian end users that will ultimately be the most important in finding buyers for Innord’s products. We are now establishing the framework needed to be in a position to succeed once Innord’s technology is fully validated and we begin scaling up towards throughput capacities of up to 1.5 tonnes per day of feed material.” commented Kiril Mugerman, president and CEO of GéoMégA and Innord.

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