Element 25 Updates Ongoing Manganese Pre-Feasibility Study

- May 16th, 2019

Element 25 has released an update on activities related to the pre-feasibility study currently underway at the Butcherbird manganese project in Australia. 

Element 25 Limited (ASX:E25) has released an update on activities related to the pre-feasibility study currently underway at the Butcherbird manganese project in Australia.

As quoted from the press release:

Channel Manganese Exploration

A channel manganese exploration program has commenced comprising multiple aircore drilling traverses across an interpreted paleochannel system. The target area has been defined based on the results of a detailed, ground based gravity survey conducted in 2018 covering approximately a 10 kilometre x 5 kilometre area directly west of the M52/1074 Mining Lease application.

The review of the gravity work identified a potential paleochannel feature which trends in a northwest – southeast direction located approximately 1-2 kilometres west of the Mining Lease Application M52/1074.Tertiary paleochannels are commonly filled with detritus and material from earlier geological formations. The close proximity to the Butcherbird resources could provide infill sources from previous weathering into a paleochannel and a resulting Channel Manganese resource may have been deposited.

Groundwater information will also be collected as part of the programme. A future pump test program will be commissioned to definitively test the water supply characteristics of the paleochannel. This would include drilling and construction of production bores, performing test pumping analysis and reporting of results. Hydrogeological modelling will be used to assess the impacts of draw on aquifers, other users and groundwater dependant ecosystems. Department of Water and Environment licencing will also commence during this period.
Native Title
The Company has been advised that the Nyiyaparli common law holders have consented to Karlka Nyiyaparli Aboriginal Corporation (KNAC) entering into the Butcherbird Mining Agreement which outlines the agreed commercial terms between the parties and the State Deed which is a condition precedent to the grant of M52/1074. M52/1074 covers the required operating areas under the current mine plan. The documents will be presented at the next KNAC Board meeting for execution.

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