NRG Announces Initial Results for Second Drill Hole at Its Hombre Muerto North Lithium Project

- July 10th, 2018

Initial sample results for the second core hole indicate excellent lithium values with very low Mg/Li ratios.

NRG Metals (TSXV:NGZ) has reported the initial assays for samples from the second diamond drill hole at the Hombre Muerto Lithium project in Argentina.

The samples were taken from near surface to a depth of 61.5 m below surface.  The samples average 719 mg/L lithium with a very low Mg to Li ratio ranging from 2.1 to 3.3. These values are similar to the results obtained in the first diamond drill hole located 2.1 kilometers to the east.

According to the release, drilling in this hole has advanced to a depth of 226.5 m with a planned depth of 400 m. Host rocks are mainly poorly-consolidated sandstone from surface to 77 m, followed by a layer of compact halite from 77 to 139 m, poorly-consolidated sandstone from 139 to 166 m, and then intercalated halite and sandstone to the current bottom of the hole at 226.5 m.

CEO of NRG Metals, Adrian Hobkirk said:

“We are encouraged to find high lithium grades in the first part of the second hole, and these results demonstrate the presence of lithium bearing brine across our Tramo property.  We will have a more complete picture once this hole is completed and when we have the results of the pumping test from the large diameter hole completed adjacent to the first core hole.”

Click here to read the full NRG Metals (TSXV:NRG) press release.

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