VIDEO - Emily Hersh: Pay Attention to Social Unrest in the Lithium Triangle

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Emily Hersh, managing partner at DCDB Group, sat down with INN to talk about supply chains, new tech and recent events in South America.

For the past few months, all eyes have been on South America — home to the lithium triangle — where elections, social unrest and potential policy changes continue to impact the region.

Emily Hersh, managing partner at DCDB Group, sat down with the Investing News Network to talk about recent events in South America and how they could impact the lithium space.

“Populations in areas that formerly haven’t had a political voice are standing up and wanting a political voice … the social inclusion question is more and more important,” she said. “I am very concerned about what is happening in Chile … I don’t think we are going to go back to business as usual in Chile, which is a big part of the lithium battery supply chain.”

Hersh also talked about the main trends she’s seen in the lithium space in 2019.

“Interest in the sector has picked up, especially from policymakers and from parties that wouldn’t have been interested in this conference two, three years ago, but the capital has not,” she said. “I think that in large part that reflects trends that have been happening across the investment world.”

Speaking about the importance of developing domestic supply chains, Hersh said she has seen awareness increase about the fact that supply chains don’t just materialize from one day to the next.

“Each step in the supply chain has to be addressed and has different challenges and different opportunities as well,” she said. “Supply chains are dynamic …. just because a supply chain looks one way today, it doesn’t guarantee it would or it should look that way in five years.”

Watch the video above to learn more about what Hersh expects to see next year in the lithium space. You can also click here for more video interviews from Benchmark Minerals Week.

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