Precision Therapeutics Subsidiary, TumorGenesis, Announces License Agreement with SyntArray

Precision Therapeutics (NASDAQ:AIPT) formerly Skyline Medical, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary, TumorGenesis, has secured a license agreement with SyntArray LLC. This license agreement will advance the Company’s strategic plan to develop the next generation of patient derived (“PDx”) tumor models for precision cancer therapy and drug development by granting it access to SyntArray’s targeted peptide cell capture technology.

As quoted in the press release:

TumorGenesis is developing a new approach to growing tumor models in the laboratory that is faster, less costly and more closely mimics the characteristics of the patient’s tumor, than the traditional PDx animal models that are currently on the market. TumorGenesis’ innovative approach is comprised of three key steps: first, the tumor cells from the patient tumor biopsy are tagged using peptides targeted to the patient’s specific cancer cells; second, the tags adhere the cells to a 3D biomimetic support in the well of a standard 96 well microplate; and third, the tumor cells are grown in the 3D culture system until ready for testing.

Click here to read the full press release.

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Are You Aware of the FDA's Plans for 2018?

Find out what's going on in our new report

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