Infographic: Why Isn’t There a Cure for Cancer?

- May 22nd, 2017

Medical research has reached new levels that make us question when will we be able to cure one of the most serious diseases.

Cancer treatment continues to be a harrowing process for any patient, but medical improvements have been made to ease the treatment of this disease. However many often still ask when is a “cure” for cancer going to be found or made available to the masses.
The key element to know about any cure is that cancer isn’t simple, as a disease it can take many forms and affect very different parts of the body, so not many cancers are the same and the way to treat them varies from the types and the affected area.
Besides countless of large and small pharmaceutical companies working on a variety of treatments and different drugs to fight cancer, efforts in the US include a funded massive moonshot program that has put the goal to get cancer under a manageable situation, the program was created by former Vice President Joe Biden following the death of his son Beau Biden to brain cancer.

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This year the government of Canada announced a partnership between The National Research Council of Canada and the Toronto-based Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics in order to accelerate cancer research and hopefully medical advancements.
“The goal of the collaboration is to identify the most promising antibodies, and increase their value by generating data that effectively de-risks each asset. CCAB’s objective is to then license lead antibody candidates to seed newly formed Canadian biotechnology companies,” said the press release.
The American Society of Clinical Oncology released a report on the most significant clinical growth combating the disease in 2016.
“Much work still lies ahead. Many questions remain about how cancer develops and spreads and how best to treat it… I hope you are as inspired as I am by the gains the clinical cancer research community has made over the past year and by the promise of a new era of advances just over the horizon,” said Dr. Daniel Hayes in the report.
That said, the Investing News Network took a look at the possibilities of significant improvements to cancer treatment under the Donald Trump presidency.
The below infographic from  details why there isn’t a direct cure for cancer.

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