DNA Nanobots to Target Cancer Cells in First Human Trial

3Tags reported that Professor Ido Bachelet of Israel’s Bar-Ilan University confirmed that nanobots capable of fighting cancerous cells no longer a thing of science fiction. Indeed, the first DNA nanobot trial in a human subject will take place in 2016.

According to the report:

Nanobots can also have multiple “payloads” in them, and can be programmed so that they know which drug to expose to specific molecules. This means that nanobots work well in combination therapy—where multiple drugs are used at once—and can be timed so that the different drugs don’t interfere with one another. As of December 2014, the nanobots that Bachelet’s team have developed can recognize 12 different types of cancerous cells.

3Tags also notes that:

In that case, when can we expect this miracle treatment to hit the public? The first DNA nanobot trial in a human subject will take place this year—in fact, it could be happening right now—on a person with late-stage leukemia. The patient is expected to die, but Bechelet believes that, based on previous animal trials, the nanobots can remove the cancer in the span of a month. If the trial goes well, we could see nanotechnology hit the public in one-to-five years.”


Click here to view the full article. 

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  • okay… here’s the thing. This is actually a re-hashed story from early 2015. And, it was in early 2015 when they said the patient was expected to die in 6 MONTHS! Now, someone is trying to spread some misinformation (?) and saying that the trial is expected to start in 2016? On the same person who was supposed to die in May of 2015? Something isn’t right. It’s like someone is trying to keep a dream alive which already failed :/

    • This is exactly what I was thinking – I came here directly from the article that’s being quoted here (after spending a brief few minutes in a rubreddit where it was being discussed) and thought, “Okay, this is ‘news’ from a year ago, and the only thing that’s changed is that it’s estimating 2016 for the trials instead of 2015.”

  • Please let me know where I can access this treatment.
    And how to invest in this chanel


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