SpeakEasy Cannabis Club Provides Strategic Outlook for 2020

- January 22nd, 2020

SpeakEasy revealed its plans to apply large scale commercial farming principles to national and international cannabis markets in 2020.

SpeakEasy Cannabis Club (CSE:EASY) revealed its plans to transform into a global cannabis brand by applying large scale commercial farming principles to burgeoning national and international cannabis markets in 2020.

As quoted in the press release:

Building on the Geen family’s 100 years of experience farming cherries, apples, ginseng and peaches, the Company plans to cultivate small batch, high quality craft cannabis and, subject to receipt of all applicable licences from Health Canada, produce approximately 70,000kg of outdoor sun-grown cannabis in 2020.

The Company expects that in 2020 there will be a shift in the global cannabis industry into a consumer-packaged goods industry with the introduction of new product categories and increased segmentation in existing ones. SpeakEasy has developed a business model that adds core value and amplifies brand differentiation in what is expected to be a flourishing market. Building on its solid foundation, the Company will identify international revenue sources and replicate its operations in emerging global cannabis markets.

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