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Phivida Holdings Inc (CSE:VIDA) is pleased to announce new appointments to its Board of Directors and Executive management team. 

Phivida Holdings Inc (CSE:VIDA) is pleased to announce new appointments to its Board of Directors and Executive management team.

Mr. Peter Simeon LLB, an active Phivida Board member, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Simeon is a partner of Gowling WLG Law specializing in corporate, commercial and securities law.

Simeon has extensive experience as an officer and director of public companies, including as a Chairman, and his legal practice is focused on corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, and structure. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Queens University and earned his law degree at York University, Osgoode Hall.

The Company is also pleased to appoint Mr. Vito Piazza to the Board of Directors. Mr. Piazza is a founding partner of the Toronto office of Sid Lee, a Montreal-based creative advertising agency operating globally for internationally-recognized brands. Mr. Piazza earned his Bachelors Degree in Marketing and his MBA from McGill University.

Mr. Jim Bailey assumes the role of President in addition to his current role as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. John-David Belfontaine, will continue his role as a Board Member and assumes the role of Vice President, Corporate Development. Mr. George Kovalyov continues as the Company’s Vice President, Finance and will step down from the Board for proper corporate governance and financial reporting requirements.

“Since launching as a public company in late 2017, Phivida continues to develop a specialized management team and to exercise good corporate governance at both the Board of Directors and Executive management levels,” said Mr. Bailey. “We continue to ready ourselves for the significant opportunities that lay ahead as the entire industry undergoes sweeping legal and regulatory changes in USA and Canada. We are pleased to welcome Vito to our Board, who brings a wealth of strategic brand building know-how, acquired over 20 years of international experience. Our shareholders will continue to benefit from Peter’s expertise in stewarding good corporate governance as we continue our growth in the rapidly emerging cannabis and CBD markets.”

Phivida Holdings Inc.

Phivida infuses CBD derived from Hemp into functional foods, beverages and clinical health products. Phivida uses encapsulated cannabinoid oils and extracts into water soluble form, enhancing bioavailability, and timed released within the body. Phivida’s CBD is infused into beverages, foods and supplements containing a proprietary blend of phytonutraceuticals studied to target a range of health conditions, from chronic pain, treatment of stress and anxiety to reducing inflammation in the body. The World Anti-Doping Association’s recently lifted a ban of CBD from hemp oil and the World Health Organization’s recent statement supports clinical benefits of CBD for athletes and active families. Celebrating; Health and Wellness, In Harmony™, Phivida’s vision is to lead the market as the benchmark quality standard in premium CBD infused foods, beverages and clinical products, with a dedication to research, education and investing back into the communities which we so proudly serve.

Phivida [“fiii-vee-daa”] is a publicly traded company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the ticker symbol “VIDA”. For more information on Phivida visit (see “Investors” in the footer) or join our social media network @Phivida. For investor information please email us at 

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