Cavan Ventures Appoints CEO of BC Bud Depot to Advisory Board

Cavan Ventures Inc. (TSXV:CVN) announced that, in the interest of furthering its diversification into the medical marijuana and hemp industries, it has appointed Matthew Harvey to Cavan’s advisory board. As the CEO of BC Bud Depot, Mr. Harvey will aid Cavan in accelerating their growth in this burgeoning industry.

As quoted in the press release:

Mr. Harvey has been a master grower and in the industry since the mid 1990’s with world-wide exposure since 2004. Mr. Harvey is the Founder and CEO of BC Bud Depot (“BCBD”), a producer of marijuana seeds. BCBD takes pride in developing its award-winning THC and CBD cannabis strains. BCBD also collaborates with other breeders and dispensaries (including Reeferman Seeds, T.H.Seeds and DNA Genetics, and to European breeders like Soma Seeds and Delta-9 labs, and California’s The Honey Spot), and offers over 50 proprietary medicinal strains to date with access to over 150 marijuana strains collaborated together with associated partners. During Mr. Harvey’s tenure, BCBD has received over 21 Cannabis Cup awards, including 7 first place awards, 9 Top Strain awards, 6 top 3 strain awards and an induction in 2009 to the Seed Bank Hall of Fame award. Additionally, BC Bud Depot has outreach to over 11 North American dispensaries and over 60 worldwide retail and web stores which stock BCBD’S products. Most recently, Mr. Harvey has steered BCBD towards a new developmental approach to medicinal genetics, producing unique strains to be used for specific medical ailments.

Cavan CEO, Peter P. Swistak, said:

The depth and scope of Mr. Harvey’s knowledge is unparalleled and Cavan is very fortunate to have access to this knowledge as we believe he is the best in his field with an extensive bio and proven track record. He will add tremendous value, credibility and unique knowledge to Cavan in its analysis of the Medical Marijuana and Hemp/Cannabinoid industry, and potential opportunities in that industry. We are excited to have Mr. Harvey available to us while we conduct due-diligence in the Cannabinoid/Medicinal Marijuana space.

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