CannabCo: Low-Cost, PharmaCeutical-Grade Cannabis for Global Markets

- September 3rd, 2019

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s cannabis channel. 

CannabCo Pharmaceutical Corp. has launched its campaign on the Investing News Network’s cannabis channel.

CannabCo is a Canadian-based full-service cannabis company with operations in Brampton, Ontario. The company’s business plan involves the on-going production and supply of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis to both the medical and recreational markets in Canada and internationally. The company intends to distribute its products through pharmaceutical companies, among others. CannabCo is currently waiting to gain approval from Health Canada to become a licensed producer and is building out its pilot facility in the Brampton area.

The pilot facility is expected to employ the most advanced cultivation, processing and packaging technologies with a focus on quality at reduced costs. One such technology CannabCo intends to deploy is PHOENIX, an enhanced cultivation technology that achieves high productivity and significantly lower costs at under C$0.50 per gram. Once the pilot facility is complete and built to EU-GMP standards, the company intends to launch extraction services and enter the oils extracts and consumables markets.

CannabCo’s company highlights include the following:

  • PHOENIX technology that can consistently produce pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at costs of under $.50 per gram indoors.
  • 17,500-square-foot pilot facility is underway expected to produce 5,000 kilograms of cannabis annually.
  • The expansion cultivation facility is expected to produce over 165,000 kilograms per annum.
  • The company is at confirmation of readiness with Health Canada.

Click here to see the educational profile for CannabCo and to request an investor presentation. 

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