Northstar Clean Technologies CEO Aidan Mills: Repurposing Through Proprietary Technologies for the Circular Economy

- September 13th, 2021

Northstar Clean Technologies CEO Aidan Mills shares how the company’s proprietary technologies contribute to the circular economy.

Northstar Clean Technologies (TSXV:ROOF,TSXV:ROOF.WT) is reshaping the construction sector through the repurposing of asphalt shingles.

CEO Aidan Mills shares how the company’s proprietary technologies contribute to the circular economy.

“Our proprietary technology splits asphalt shingles into individual parts, which are asphalt, fiber and aggregate sands. And if you think of our carbon footprint compared with the carbon footprint entailed in the initial manufacturing of these products, there is a big difference. And that fits incredibly well with the circular economy,” Mills said.

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The circular economy is an economic model that seeks to address global challenges like waste and pollution. Single-use asphalt shingles are the fourth largest category of construction waste, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Mills said the housing and roofing market in the US alone can generate up to 13 million tons of shingles in a year.

Northstar Clean Technologies recently announced that the Empower Facility in Delta, BC, successfully processes saleable end products from single-use asphalt shingles that would otherwise be directed into landfills.

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