November 6, 2012

Judge Approves Bankruptcy Financing For A123

CNBC reported a Chinese company will provide bankruptcy financing for battery maker A123 Systems (NASDAQ:AONE) after a Delaware judge approved...
October 23, 2012

Johnson Controls Agrees To Buy A123

Businessweek reported bankrupt A123 (NASDAQ:AONE) is set to be purchased by automotive part maker, Johnson Controls Inc. (NYSE:JCI).
October 17, 2012

Chinese Automaker Makes Bid For A123

Reuters reported a Chinese automaker bid $465 million bid for bankrupt A123 Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:AONE).
August 22, 2012

A123 Receives Delisting Notice

Reuters reported A123 Systems Inc (NASDAQ:AONE) said it received a delisting notice from the Nasdaq to get its stock price...
August 8, 2012

A123 Systems Surges 6.4 Percent

Bloomberg reported that A123 Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:AONE) surged 6.4 percent after signing a $450 million agreement with Wanxiang Group.
July 6, 2012

A123 Systems Plans to Raise Almost $39 Million

Reuters reported that A123 Systems Inc (NASDAQ:AONE) plans to raise almost $39 million.
June 27, 2012

Mid-Continent Instrument Signs Agreement with A123 Systems Inc

Boston.com reported that Mid-Continent Instrument has signed an agreement with A123 Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:AONE) where A123 will provide advanced Nanophosphate...