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June 6, 2016

Why Invest in Life Science?

Here's a look at why more and more investors are looking to the life science industry for opportunity.
May 29, 2016

Human Genome Sciences Stock May Benefit from Big Pharma Breakthroughs

Big pharma is achieving major breakthroughs backed by genetics research, and ultimately more than one human genome sciences stock may...
September 28, 2015

Human Longevity Inc. Announces New CFO

Genomics-based longevity company Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI) has announced that William A. Roper, Jr. will become the company's new Chief...
September 23, 2015

J. Craig Venter Prioritizes Privacy at Human Longevity

J. Craig Venter, of the longevity company Human Longevity, plans to keep the genomic data that he is gathering private.
July 21, 2015

Google's Calico Partners with Ancestry.com to Access Genetic Database

Calico, a longevity company backed by Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), has partnered with Ancestry.com (NASDAQ:ACOM) to access more than 1 million DNA...
July 9, 2015

2014 Top News Stories for Longevity Investing

An influx in venture capital drove longevity investing in 2014, as investors like Google's Larry Page and PayPal's Peter Thiel...