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September 20, 2021

How ESG Investing Can Produce Higher Returns with Less Risk

ESG investing best fits socially conscious investors looking for ESG companies focused on environmentally friendly practices to benefit from carbon...
September 9, 2021

ESG Investing: Skepticism and Cutting Through the Noise

The Investing News Network caught up with analysts and experts to get more insight on ESG investing today and how...
September 3, 2021

Top Stories This Week: Gold Ends August Strong, Pops on Jobs Data

Catch up and get informed with this week’s content highlights from Charlotte McLeod, our editorial director.
August 16, 2021

OPINION — An Introduction to Environmental Commodities

What are environmental commodities, and how can investors get exposure to this growing market? Anthony Milewski of Nickel 28 Capital...
June 1, 2021

WPIC: Platinum Growth Catalysts Include Investment, Hydrogen Cells

Investment demand has been a key catalyst for platinum, sending values from a January start of US$1,061 to a six...
March 20, 2020

VIDEO — Jeff Swinoga: Mining’s Early ESG Adopters Will Attract More Capital

As ESG investing gains traction, EY's Jeff Swinoga believes mining companies that get in early will reap the rewards.
January 13, 2020

Australia Mining Outlook 2020: Quiet, Confident Optimism

Last year might have been a little disappointing for Australia, but analysts think the Australia mining outlook for 2020 could...