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LME Copper vs. COMEX Copper

LME Copper vs. COMEX Copper

For those new to copper investing, keeping track of copper prices can be confusing. Here’s a short overview of COMEX copper and LME copper.

Anorthosite: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Anorthosite: What It Is and Why You Should Care – The Metals Report (4/23/13) – Copper and nickel are two metals modern society cannot get enough of, but there is not enough to go around, says Rick Mills, publisher of Ahead of the Herd. Add in mounting production costs and

Yuan’s Ascent Buoys Copper

Despite a deteriorating global economic picture, as of Thursday, copper is on track to post its highest gains since March, as an appreciation in China’s currency overshadowed the financial concerns permeating the Eurozone, and America.

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