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Supernatural is Revolutionizing the Fitness Experience with Fully Immersive Workouts Offered in VR

Supernatural the leading virtual reality fitness experience today announced Supernatural Boxing, an entirely new full-body cardio workout joining the company's platform of immersive fitness and wellness experiences built for Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. Supernatural Boxing is designed to achieve explosive aerobic-capacity while torching the core and sharpening the mind, alongside Supernatural's original, full-body cardio workout, Supernatural Flow, as well as its Guided Meditation and coach-led Stretch sessions . Boxing workouts are immediately available on the Supernatural app in the Oculus App Store.

Supernatural Boxing provides expertly coached workouts, from "Boxing Basics" to "Pros Only," inviting members to punch, block, shuffle and slip to the beat of their favorite music in captivating environments, all while seamlessly, digitally tracking their fitness without ever leaving home.

The Supernatural Catalog of Offerings Now Includes a Familiar Favorite: Boxing.

Supernatural is the comprehensive VR fitness and wellness solution for leading an integrated, healthier lifestyle; from core to cardio, stretching to meditation, there's a mode of expression to address and achieve a full range of fitness goals. The addition of Supernatural Boxing invites members to "go the distance" offering new goals and challenges for mind and body and an entirely fresh perspective on fitness.

"Supernatural Boxing is an incredible workout that recruits new muscle groups and focuses the mind," said co-founder and CEO Chris Milk . "It continues our quest at Supernatural to find new ways to reimagine exercise as something to look forward to, and change as many lives as possible in the process."

Supernatural Boxing will be led by Supernatural's dynamic roster of expert coaches and overseen by Head of Fitness and Muay Thai athlete, Coach Leanne Pedante .

"Practicing boxing and kickboxing for the past decade has changed my life, filling me with a confidence and strength I never had before," states Pedante. "Now, Supernatural Boxing is offering that in an unbeatable VR format, eliminating the intimidation factor of attending a class or striking out at the gym, and instead empowering athletes in yet another modality."

All Supernatural Boxing workouts include the following:

  • Box to the beat of music you know and love : Supernatural features the VR fitness industry's most expansive selection of major-label music with more than 1000 hit Songs from the world's biggest artists, spanning all genres. New songs and playlists are programmed weekly.
  • Expert coaching : Supernatural Boxing creates an intimate, one on one, trainer-athlete dynamic unmatched by any other at-home digital fitness product. Coaches' cues are personal, timely, and come from familiar faces that members can count on for guidance.
  • Three inclusive yet challenging levels of intensity— Low, Medium and High Intensity workouts accommodate beginner to advanced members. Regardless of your background or skill level, there's an effective workout for everyone.
  • Dedicated Training and "Boxing Basics" : Learn to throw your jab, cross, hook, uppercut and block, blasting targets and dodging obstacles, all the while activating your lower body and core muscles.
  • Three new Supernatural Boxing workouts each week , with eight at launch. New Supernatural Flow workouts will continue to be released daily, along with weekly meditations and regular stretch sessions.
  • Personalized metrics: Track your workout history, set and shatter goals, follow and compete with friends with the Supernatural Companion App for your smartphone.
  • Intelligent Calibration: Supernatural Boxing workouts are uniquely calibrated to each individual member mapping and tracking athletes' movement patterns and subsequently adjusting the program to their unique range of motion based on arm span and preferred squat depth.
  • The ability to pair Supernatural with a wide range of fitness-tracking devices , allowing you to measure and visualize your expanding work capacity through detailed heart rate data and more.

Supernatural Boxing Harnesses the Power of Virtual Reality Offering Next-Level Programming and Re-Envisioning the Landscape of Connected Fitness

Supernatural's command of bleeding-edge technology, compounded with its cohort of expert coaches, continues to provide members with breathtaking experiences that change and challenge what we know about exercise. Supernatural Boxing instantaneously transports members to the world's most beautiful locations and then transmits music-sycnhed haptic feedback to its athletes in real time, for a transformative, fully immersive fitness routine that's completely engaging and a joy to stick to:

  • 360 movement in the form of slips, hooks, jab-crosses and more, will train agility and balance, strengthening and protecting the body in every plane of motion—sagittal, frontal and transverse.
  • Supernatural Boxing offers dozens of spectacular, photoreal destinations . Captured on-location and rendered in 360 volumetric 3D, members will find themselves boxing at the Rongbuk Glacier, Mt. Everest, Chichen Itza , Snæfellsjökull Volcano, Iceland , Meroe Pyramids and more.
  • Supernatural features specialty destinations like Mars and the moon , including real footage and ambient sound from Mars and images captured from the moon landing in 1969.

Supernatural Boxing is now available via the Supernatural app in the Oculus Store. Each Supernatural membership includes access to the full and ever-expanding catalog of integrated fitness offerings plus a curated selection of Supernatural Programs and Collections designed to help members meet individual fitness goals with results that benefit both body and mind. Sign up for a free trial followed by $18.99 /month or $179.99 /year. Membership automatically begins and renews monthly after the free trial ends. Cancel at any time. For details visit

Supernatural launched in April of 2020 as the world's first subscription-based, full-body fitness service for virtual reality. Designed for Oculus Quest and paired with your smartphone, Supernatural provides users with expertly coached daily workouts, detailed fitness tracking, an expansive catalog of music and a chance to exercise in the world's most beautiful locations without ever leaving home.

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For additional news and information follow @getsupernatural on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn .

Supernatural Introduces Supernatural Boxing: Box to the beat of your favorite music as you escape to stunning destinations from around the world, coached by a professional trainer.

Supernatural Introduces Supernatural Boxing: Box to the beat of your favorite music as you escape to stunning destinations from around the world, coached by a professional trainer.

Supernatural Introduces Supernatural Boxing: Box to the beat of your favorite music as you escape to stunning destinations from around the world, coached by a professional trainer.

Supernatural Introduces Supernatural Boxing: Box to the beat of your favorite music as you escape to stunning destinations from around the world, coached by a professional trainer.

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Swarmio Media Appoints Mr. Elie Jeitani to its Board of Directors

Mr. Jeitani is the Founder and CEO of WestBridge Telecom, One of Swarmio's Strategic Telco Distribution Partners

 Swarmio Media Holdings Inc. (CSE: SWRM) (OTC: SWMIF) (GR: U5U) ("Swarmio" or "the Company"), a technology company focused on the global deployment of its proprietary Ember gaming and esports platform, announces it has appointed Mr. Elie Jeitani to its Board of Directors (the "Board").

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FanDuel TV Inks Deal With ONE Championship to Bring Martial Arts Events to Network and FanDuel+

ONE 164: Pacio vs Brooks will be first live event this Saturday –

– Official partnership kicks off January 20 with weekly content –

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UCOLLEX Partners with FaZe Clan to Bring Digital Art Experience to The Gateway in Miami

The collaboration will be framed around LIMITS powered by UCOLLEX 20-minute Art Battle tournament and FaZe Forever to bring the art, esports, entertainment and Web3 experience together.

UCOLLEX a company backed by Animoca Brands, will partner with FaZe Clan to bring its Japanese competitive art concept to NFT Now and Mana Common's The Gateway in Miami from November 29 - December 3 2022.

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Build a school and catch truant students in this new pixel School-sim

- Pathea today announced the release of its new simulation game, Let's School which will be released in 2023, made by a small team led by producer, Lanka.

In this game, the player will return to their alma mater as the new headmaster. Through great efforts and management skills, the player can restore the now worn-out school building to its former glory and beyond, even becoming a school known all around the world for its excellent education and stellar curriculum.

But the process of building the school is bound to be a painstaking one - in addition to realizing your vision, you will also have to contend with a variety of disorderly students - bullies who harass their peers, 'opportunists' who sneak contraband into the school, students who complain about the lack of recreational facilities and drop out, and many more. For the sake of the students and the future of the school, you as the headmaster will have to take decisive measures to rectify these malpractices.

For example, you can pick up a student who has dozed off in class and punish them with a standing order. For the smugglers, you can start checking for and confiscating prohibited items at the school gate. As for students who blatantly skip school, you may have no choice but to send teachers outside the school to track them down. It's not easy managing teenagers!

Of course, for those headmasters who long for some reminder of their own youth, you'll find it in Let's School: the game offers many customization options. Design your uniforms based on your own experiences, or perhaps your favorite high school anime. Decorate and color the rooms to your heart's desire.

The school may be deserted when you first join, but you can change that by designing the uniforms, repairing the classrooms, recruiting teachers, establishing clubs and more until soon enough, your school is teeming with life. As your school grows, you will then start to experience a rich and beautiful story of youth, slowly watching the adolescent lives of your students unfold.

The developers of Pathea are taking a step outside of the My Time series with the release of My Time at Portia on Steam in 2018, which has gone on to sell over 2.7 million copies and receive a 92% positive feedback rate in the years since.

After nine months of independent development, the producer's demo of Let's School attracted a lot of praise and encouragement from its audience. Support and suggestions from the players have also helped to bring Let's School from idea to reality, and the addition of more team members has helped to enrich the content of Let's School greatly as well.

The project is currently in steady development by a small team and is scheduled to be released on Steam in 2023.

Official Twitter:



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NetDragon's Promethean Acquires Explain Everything to Drive Transformational Collaboration and Learning Experiences

- NetDragon Websoft Holdings Limited ("NetDragon" or "the Company", Hong Kong Stock Code: 777), a global leader in building internet communities, is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Promethean, a leading global education technology company, has acquired substantially all of the assets of Explain Everything, a leading digital whiteboard platform for creating engaging lessons, activities, and interactive presentations. Through the strategic acquisition, Promethean is expected to add to its product portfolio a revenue-generating application tool that addresses one of the most common use cases of its customers. This acquisition will also  support the development of new and better solutions that would address teaching, learning, and collaboration needs, and ultimately enable the scaling of future software subscription revenue stream.

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Wemade announced a strategic investment in DRX, a esports company

  • DRX IP to onboard WEMIX and expand its ecosystem
  • Both parties to cooperate for the advancement of eSports culture

Wemade announced a strategic investment in DRX. The companies will join forces in leading eSports fan culture and integrate it with the WEMIX platform for ecosystem expansion.

(PRNewsfoto/Wemade Co., Ltd)

Founded in 2012, DRX is a Korean eSports company whose eSports teams include games such as League of Legend, Warcraft 3, Tekken 7 and more.

DRX's League of Legend team recently won the 2022 LoL World Championship, and Valorant team recorded 103 wins and 4 draws during a year and a half since its debut. With 22 championships under its belt, the team is considered to be the strongest in Asia .

Wemade plans to reach out to 3.7M DRX fans worldwide by onboarding DRX's excellent IP.

"eSports is a perfect fit for blockchain, since it has been evolving futuristically through repeated technical innovations," said Henry Chang , CEO of Wemade. "Through NILE, the DAO & NFT platform of WEMIX, we will complete a digital economy that connects gaming, entertainment, sports, art, and finance."

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