New Exploration Target and Results of Channel Sampling Released by Tethyan Resources

- March 2nd, 2018

New Exploration Target and Results of Channel Sampling Released by Tethyan Resources.

Tethyan Resources (TSXV:TETH) is pleased to announce the discovery of a new copper-gold porphyry target for exploration as well as the results of its channel sampling at Rudnica. The new exploration target is 500 metres north of its flagship project and has been aptly named Rudnica North.

Fabian Baker, Tethyan’s President and CEO, had this to say about the discovery:

“The Rudnica North target is inferred to represent a leached, gold bearing, copper-poor lithocap overlying a concealed copper-gold porphyry centre. The same alteration and metal zonation is observed at Rudnica and the two zones may be linked at depth over a total strike length of more than 1 kilometre, as indicated by the results of the Titan DCIP geophysical survey we completed in late-2017. The Rudnica North porphyry is inferred to lie in a downthrown fault block relative to Rudnica, therefore copper-gold porphyry mineralisation is anticipated to occur at depth, underlying the auriferous lithocap. The potential for supergene copper enrichment at the base of the lithocap has not been tested, but has been proven at Rudnica and Rudnica North appears at this early stage to be an analogous system”.

Click here to read the full text release.

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