Fission Announces Winter Field Program Has Commenced at PLS

- February 6th, 2018

Fission Uranium Corp. announced that their 2018 winter field program has commenced at PLS, with drill rigs in full operation.

Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX:FCU) announced that their 2018 winter field program has commenced at PLS, with drill rigs in full operation.

Highlights are as follows:

  • The land-based R1515W is the westernmost zone on the 3.18km trend outlined by Fission as the Company pushes west from the Triple R deposit, towards the large, high-grade boulder field.
  • Drill results on the R1515W zone have been very encouraging to date, and include results such as hole PLS17-564 (line 1545W), located 1.4km west of the Triple R Deposit, which intersected 128.0m of total composite mineralization, including intervals such as 7.0m @ 6.90% U3O8 in 14.50m @ 3.39% U3O8 and 7.0m @ 6.36% U3O8 in 10.50m @ 4.35% U3O8.
  • The wide, high-grade mineralization such as that intersected by hole PLS17-564, is predominantly due to important geological features that the R1515W zone shares with the Triple R deposit’s R780E zone, including multiple stacked lenses.
  • Upgrade resource classification for important high-grade, high-impact areas of the R780E zone from inferred to indicated category (6 holes in 1,980m). The Triple R deposit as currently estimated, has 75% of its resource classified as indicated, while 25% of the resource is classified as inferred.  It is it is anticipated that upgrading key areas of the resource from inferred to indicated will have a positive impact on the PFS.
  • Geotechnical drilling and analysis of bedrock (3 holes in 700m)
  • Geotechnical drilling of overburden (12 holes in 920m)
  • Re-drill hydrogeological holes required for long-term ground-water analysis (2 holes in 240m)
  • Complete the Phase 2 metallurgical study that is already in progress
  • Continuation of data collection and analysis of the Baseline Environmental Study
  • Continuation of engagement with First Nations, community and government

Ross McElroy, president, COO, and chief geologist for Fission, commented:

The much-anticipated 2018 winter field program has commenced and drills are now turning. Continuing on the success of our 2017 summer program, we are excited about the prospects of the R1515W zone, as well as developing the Triple R deposit towards pre-feasibility. We look forward to sharing the scintilometer and assay results as they come in.

Click here to read the full Fission Uranium Corp. (TSX:FCU) press release.

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