Haydale Signs Ink Supply Deal with HP1 Technologies

- January 15th, 2019

Haydale has signed an agreement with HP1 Technologies for the supply of 76 kilograms of its piezoresistive ink over an 18-month period.

Haydale Graphene Industries (LSE:HAYD) announced on Tuesday (January 15) that it has signed an agreement with HP1 Technologies (HP1T) for the supply of 76 kilograms of piezoresistive ink.

The 18-month agreement will make Haydale, a company focused on advanced materials, the single supplier of functionalized nano carbon inks to HP1T.

HP1T is engaged in the production of flexible, printed, functionalized graphene-based sensor systems and is set to use the ink from Haydale to create printed sensors.


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The sensors made by HP1T can measure and collect high-quality impact and pressure data, and allow HP1T to monitor changes when mechanical stress is applied.

“This Supply Agreement demonstrates a significant step forward in the commercialisation of our functionalized nano carbon-based inks,” David Banks, interim chairman of Haydale, said on Tuesday.

Graphene inks are tipped to provide drastic improvement for printed electronics due to their higher conductivity and flexibility, along with their low cost and ease of processibility.

HP1T’s initial focus will be on using the pressure sensors as a diagnostic element in helmets. The company is also adapting its sensor system for use in fields such as aerospace, robotics and utilities.

In the aerospace vertical, the company is developing sensor systems for numerous applications, and has partnered with companies like BAE Systems (LSE:BA) for the process.

Haydale says that the value of the supply agreement has not been disclosed due to its sensitive nature, noting that initial supply is “required for the first stage of development for an HP1T customer.”

“This Supply Agreement represents one of many industries that can benefit from our inks and we look forward to building on this in the coming months,” commented Keith Broadbent, COO of Haydale.

Following the announcement, shares of Haydale were up 3.45 percent and closed the trading session on Tuesday at GBP 0.30. The stock has a “buy” ranking on TradingView with 11 verticals in favor, 10 in neutral and seven against.

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