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Plus learn about two exciting graphene discoveries that made waves last week.

Most news in the graphene space is centered on discoveries in the lab, but last week brought news from a major company that produces and sells graphene products. 
On March 9, Haydale Composite Solutions, a division of Haydale Graphene Industries (LSE:HAYD), launched three graphene-enhanced carbon fiber prepreg products. The products use certain epoxy resins from Huntsman Advanced Materials (Switzerland), and were launched in collaboration with SHD Composites.
The products launched are:

  • A structural component carbon fiber prepreg
  • A prototype “out-of-autoclave” curing carbon fiber tooling prepreg
  • An autoclave higher-operating-temperature tooling prepreg

To understand the news, it’s important to have some understanding of what a prepreg product is. Put simply, prepregs are sheets of fabric that have been pre-impregnated with a resin system. These fabric sheets, which are a type of composite material, are used as reinforcements in the aerospace, racing and sporting goods industries, as well as in pressure vessels and commercial products.

Explaining the benefits of Haydale Composite’s new products, Nigel Finney, the company’s commercial director, said, “[t]his has the potential to be a real game changer for the composites industry. We are very excited about the significant improvements in thermal and mechanical performance of graphene enhanced carbon epoxy prepreg structures.”
“We believe we are on the verge of a whole new range of graphene based polymer nanocomposites with some exciting and unique properties, which we believe will be of significant interest to the composite market always looking for enhanced performance,” he added.

Graphene market news

As mentioned, the bulk of graphene-related news that’s released comes out of the lab. Here’s a brief look at two new discoveries that were making waves last week:

  • Graphene water filter — A study has revealed that a new graphene-based filter could be key to filling the world’s need for clean water. According to Phys.org, the filter, which was developed by researchers at Monash University and the University of Kentucky, allows water, as well as other liquids, to be filtered nine times faster than the current leading commercial filter.
  • Graphene to treat Parkinson’s disease — News surfaced last week that a breakthrough in the treatment of motor disorders like Parkinson’s disease could be possible with electronic neuron interface devices made of pure graphene. Essentially, states Electronics Weekly, it’s possible graphene could be used to make electrodes that can be implanted in the brain, potentially restoring sensory functions.

All in all, it’s clear that graphene continues to earn its “wonder material” status. Those interested in the space will no doubt be keen to see how these — and other — discoveries develop moving forward.

Securities Disclosure: I, Charlotte McLeod, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. 
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