iSIGN Media Receives Purchase Order for Smart Antennas

- October 9th, 2019

The smart antennas will be installed for relaying security messages and alerts to iPhones and Android phones using Bluetooth.

iSIGN Media Solutions (TSXV:ISD), a location-based security company announced that Hi-Tek Media has purchased 100 smart antenna and iSIGN hardware equipment for security utilization in emergency vehicles. Through iSIGN’s mobile capabilities, Hi-Tek will be able to communicate messages and alerts to both iPhones and Androids.

As quoted in the press release:

iSIGN’s patented technology and Smart Antenna hardware with our beacon type PODX technology allows Hi-Tek’s Omni Veil network to message consumers on their mobile phones and other Smart devices using Bluetooth® notifications, Wi-Fi messages, marked text alerts and app alerts to android and iPhones.

Nevada was chosen to be the initial launching point for the Omni Veil network as it is Hi-Tek’s state of residence as well as a state that is a major tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of people annually.

iSIGN’s Security Alert Messaging (“SAM”) technology, the second component of the Omni Veil network, will allow for the delivery of security and safety messages while providing instructions designed to keep them out of danger.

Click here to read the full press release.

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